Dr Marten T Bar Shoes

How totally amazing are my new shoes, they were my last mayor spend up before I seriously start saving as driving is something I need to start!

I love Dr Martens and I think I always have done, I went through a love of really needing a chunkier soled pair and I wasn't sure for ages weather I should spend that much money on one pair of shoes but I finally caved in and decided that I would have a last spurge! White shoes aren't normally something that I would go for but I was feeling a change and thinking about trying something new, and Ive decided that white shoes might be my new thing I'm just a little scared about the moment they get dirty! The only thing I would say about these shoes is to try them in a size smaller, this is not something I have never with DM's before but I would have maybe preferred these in a size 6 and not a 7 but I was so desperate to have them that I brought them anyway and a little space at the back will do my just find. 

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