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Seeing as its nearly real proper English weather and Halloween is approaching I thought that I'd share some of my favourite things to buy around this time of year; basically I'm finding all the excuses under the sun to be able to buy black boots, cause who doesn't love a good black boot. 

I tried to promise myself that I would stop buying shoes as even though the empty self in my wardrobe is calling my name there are better things I could spend my money on (I'm still trying to persuade myself of this at the minuet.) But these little devils just seem to be everywhere at the minuet and being such a key winter essential you'd be a fool to pass up such a necessity. 

They are versatile around any outfit and can be day or night, dressed up or jet running around the shops and of course the chunkier and uglier they are the better, throw in a pair of jeans with an oversized vintage T and you've got the easier fashionable outfit on the street and harden up and girly dress with some black boots that rock the studs. 

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