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I had the absolute pleasure the other night of attending the Bloggers Love Hub Event held in the beautiful Kanaloa Bar, I didn't know what to expect as it was the very first Bloggers Love event I had attended and as I was expecting they did not disappoint, there was such a wide range of brands all of which had a unique selection of products on display. 

Bloggers Hub give bloggers and amazing opportunity to become a VIB (very important blogger) this allows for them to pass your details on over to brands and also to experience limited special gifting opportunities at events such as this one, I was grateful enough to experience this chance and really did feel connected to the brands, all of which go out of their way to make you feel welcome in introducing their brand and doing all they can help you understand their aims. 

I'm so grateful for Bloggers Love and All the brands in giving me the opportunity to experience new products I hadn't seen before and all the gifting opportunities I was able to have all down to Bloggers Love VIB. 

The lovely girls over at Bow boutique have a lovely range of party dresses, two pieces and skirts all set to rock to any party. It was lovely to see a brand such as Bow spreading the word, at the minuet they have an online store and a shop in Derby they're really hoping to expand and becoming involved with a brand like Bloggers Love will defiantly do them great! 

I'm all one for natural products and anything that can make your skin healthier and better for using the home grown products and Chulo are products all made from charcoal based mixes, now I know what you might be thinking, charcoal smells and it's not that nice to put on your face but you are wrong, these products smell so nice and fresh and the way in which the charcoal works with the natural oils in the skin is super soft and fresh looking results. 

I've always loved the way that people wear bright unique colours but never been brave enough to wear them myself so I thought I would start with maybe not a yellow, green or blue, but a hie bright pink. These are semi matte lipsticks in not your normal lipstick colours but wonderful all the same, the lovely ladies over at the stand the other evening really sold it too me, they showed me all the colours they have to offer and were telling me about the totally matte product they are working on and thats something I'm defiantly looking forward to trying more clouds out and really getting out of my comfort zone with these. 
The lovely ladies on this stand were generous enough to gift me a lovely lipstick which I will be putting up a post very shortly. 

Now I really have never seen a product like this one before or in fact ever even heard of it but I was so interested in trying some out and they were nice enough to gift me a few bottles to try out. 
The main aim behind this product is inspired by skin care from Asia, this sweet tasting drink in made to help skiing, hair and nails to look healthier. It would take a bottle a day for 4 weeks for the true results to show through and as I only have 2 bottles seeing the true results might be a little hard but I'll defiantly be trying it out and I can assure you it does taste very nice indeed!

Now as you may have seen by a resent blog post about my trip to silver store in London I'm a sucker for hand made jewellery, and Matthew Calvin pieces are no exception all made at home in his own work space I loved the uniqueness of these items and how you can tell they were hand made, with al their own details and wear and tear with the items they truly are beautiful. 

Now I know I shouldn't have favourites but I have truly wanted one of these for a while now ever since my mum brought the arm version just minus the remote and I was so grateful when they gave me the Slender Tone Abs to try out, and yes there will be a blog post coming soon. 
They act on electrical impulses working into the targeted areas to help tone and shape your muscles, these in no way are are a way to make you loose weight but its a new start for healthy eating and exercise for me and this will add that little help along with getting me them amazing abs I can only dream of. 

Now if there was ever a brand with a background idea that I love it this one, i all focuses on the idea of checking for cancerous lumps, and not until I heard this lovely husband and wife talk about this product did it really hit me, they all tell you to check yourself but there are so many steps that I'm sure no one really knows, well up until now that is, with a simple and easy diagram on the side of the body lotion, therefore everyone who buys a really fresh and scented product can do that little bit extra to pass the must heard message on. The creams and lotions come in many different scents and they were generous enough at Sniffy Wiffy to let me try some samples, my favourite if which was 'christmas cake' and 'mango'. 

I have seen this product around many shops and always wanted to try this as its made for curly hair and the moment I started speaking to the lovely stylist doing the hair and straight away told me I should try out their styling jelly and I can assure you that I will be doing a post as this is something I'm really looking forward to trying this and many other products out. 

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