5 Things I learnt In 2014

So with it being a new year and a new start and all, I thought that I will have a little look back on some of the things that I have learnt from the good and bad of 2014, in the photos above from seeing Katy perry with one of my closest friends, to turning 18, seeing seeing my sister off to University and even visiting Uni's myself 2014 was full of wonderful moment but also a lot of revelations for me personally, so read on to see the top 14 things I learnt  throughout the pass year. 

1. Learn To Stick It Out No Matter How Hard It Gets:
After going into my second year at college I really knew I had try hard and knuckle down with all my work, and its come to some many times that I've just wanted to run away from it all and go out and do nothing, but I just wouldn't let myself leave, and no matter how much stress I put myself under I made sure I stuck it out. Now if I was to say that the previous year had been easy it would be the biggest lie in the world, but after visiting Universities and looking at the future that I hopefully will be able to go into then I knew that I just had to stick it out to be able to move into something that I know I'm going to love. 

2. Don't Let The People Closest To You Go:
Compared to other years 2014 wasn't one of much lost in retrospect but just thinking about the people  that I have in my life and for a very long time I though that I would never really have good people in my life but the past year has made me realise that for the first time, in a very long time I have some of the best people in my life and everything we all do together has been for the best this year, from the working with the best people to spending time at college with my closet friends I am so grateful for all the people I get to spend my time with. 

3. Growing Up Isn't All That Bad:
So 2014 was the year I turnt 18, and it feels so weird saying that as I never saw myself as being grow up, now that wasn't that I was immature but I just imagine other people being the older one, and then suddenly I've hit the last milestone, being 18 I can do basically everything and that sounds a little strange to hear myself say. But I love being 18, it doesn't feel that different but just being able to call yourself 18 is a lot more fun then i first thought. 

4. Love Yourself Before Anyone Else:
Now this isn't one of those you aren't allowed to love anyone ideas, its just mainly about self love more then anything, a lot through out this year I got over a lot of self fears that had been hanging over my head for a while and now that I have learnt to overcome them and love myself more I've seen a great improve in myself and how I view myself in general. I have managed to get over my height issues and couldn't care if I was 5ft 10 in flats or even taller in heels, and even though I wouldn't mind being 3 sizes smaller but now I'm more focused on being healthier and keeping myself fit, starting from the new year its a new me, and that may sound cheesy but its the most important thing to me at the minuet, I started it all at the end of the year and just want to carry it on to keep myself at my best with everything this year will bring.

5. Make The Most Of The Whole Year:
If last year has taught its to the make the most of anything the year may offer, if I have any opportunities through my blog I will take them, anything comes up through college or university then I will be sure to take them, no longer am I going to give up on opportunities just because I'm scared or unsure how things may go, from now on I'm going to be doing everything I can take all the opportunities I can get from everything I do. 

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