Golden Globes Best And Worse 2015

 It''s that time of year again when all the beautiful faces we are all too familiar with walk down the red carpet in dresses I could only dream of; sometimes they get it right and sometimes they get it a little wrong, but no matter what they seem to be wearing I love looking and sharing these creations with you, these are just a few of my best and worse dressed of the night. It was a night file with a lot of daring dresses, its the start of the year so this years tends are wide open, along with sparkles, beading and interesting folds anything seem to be up for grabs this time around. 

Best Dressed:
Helen Mirren - Dolce & Gabbana                                                               Keira Knightey - Chanel 
Both of these dresses are complete contrasts of each other but I completely love them both, Helen is still stunning with her killer figure in this beautiful red dress and showing everyone that just cause you may not be in your 30's doesn't mean you can't beat the young ones down the red carpet with a killer dress and red lips. And Keira has gone for something way out of her comfort zone, normally one for subtle and plain numbers this bold Chanel dress is a brave move and I'm sure there will be an equal amount of love and hate for this one, but I love it she's radiant with her pregnancy and the butterflies and frills are super girly and feminine, just what a mum who doesn't feel her best will need, if I could change anything I would simple loose the butterfly on her wrist, let it fly away Keira. 

Amy Adams - Versace                                                               Maggie Gyllenhaal - Miu Miu
 Now both these dresses are beautiful in their own right, both very similar material and shades but completely different cuts, I feel they are both best suited to show off the best parts of each other these lovely ladies, Amy has the waist and hips pulled in to show off her hourglass shape and Maggie has gone for her basically perfect shoulders and collar bones. It's hard to choose between these two and all their focus is al toward the shape of the dresses with simple accessories you can't but help admire just how spot on these two got it this year. But Maggie's number just does it that little bit more and even gets my best dressed of the whole night, she couldn't have done it more right if she tried.

Sophie Hunter - Erdem 
Does anything really need to be said apart from Benbenedict you've broken my heart, but you couldn't look better on the arm of Sophie Hunter, after confirming her pregnancy she looked radiant basically shining off the red carpet and why not, she kept it simple with a bold print, there wasn't any fancy cut outs or too much sparkle and she won on all the right choices. You can tell this is gonna be one good looking baby! 

Worse Dressed:

Amal Clooney - Dior                                                              Jemima Kirke - Rosie Assoulin 
I'm sorry but I expected more from the new Mrs Clooney, I'm not a massive fan of the gloves or the train on this number and its a shame as the rest of the cut of the dress is really working for her, and not to sound mean but I want to pin her hair up, cut the train off and through those gloves far far far away! Compared to this black number Jemima really didn't do her small frame any favours in this two piece, yet again I want someone to cut about 50% of the material away, its too much for such a small women and the floor length cape and oversized white skirt seems that its just been rustled up that morning by no one special. Sorry Girls! 
Kate Mara - Miu Miu                                                                     Melissa McCathy 
These 2 looks are all a little mixed up really and I'm not too sure what the were trying to achieve. Kate seems to have gone simple and basic with this number which is fine and the dress itself isn't half bad its just the random belt in the middle and the soaking wet bottom. I feel the dress itself is fitted and has enough structure to be able to show her waist off and even if you must wear one make it something small and pretty not this awful beige piece that doesn't even sit straight; and as for the wet bottom, wheres your gentleman laying his coat down for you? Melissa, Melissa Melissa, you did it so right for the after party but why did you choose this for your red carpet look? There is just too much going on here, with the black skirt bottom, shirt and the collar accessory, it reminds me of a similar look by Julia Roberts at the Oscars last year, I'm not and never have been adding in the 'formal' side to red carpet looks, yes wear a sassy suit and kill the men that stare at you but don't just pair your look with a shirt and hope to not look like a victorian school matron. Sorry Melissa but you get my worse dressed of the Golden Globes 2015. 

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  1. Sophie Hunter in Erdem looks utterly beautiful - although I'm biased because i'm a massive Erdem fan haha :) Have a lovely weekend!



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