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So this is gonna be a little something different from what I normally do on my blog but change is good right! The wonderful team at Paul Fredrick got in contact with me to see if I could try a little something new and branch out into mens wear in order help share the launch of their new dress shirt range. 

Now if people know me then they'll know that I'm all for a smart look but then again I love being able to change a formal look into something a little more laid back and cooler, so this may not be your normal way to were dress shirts but theres always a way of being different and getting outside the box.  But of course I would love to show off how to pair this amazing dress shirts with the ever so formal wear that is also available on this brilliant site. 

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Okay now I want you to imagine this whole look put together in a Matty Healthy kind of rocker style, the ripped jeans with the Black top and the shirt over the top, minus the tie with the sleeves rolled up. You get the kind of 'I've not really bothered just woke up' kind of vibe. This isn't the normal look to pair up with these type of shirts but it's always good to be able mix it up and this type of style is really in at the minuet. There is nothing I hate more then spending money on an item and only being able to wear it once so having the ability to be able to change it up every once in a while is a big bonus and this look is exactly what I love being able to see in so many shops at the minuet. 
Matching it with some silver and bronze jewellery,  the most beautiful watch I've ever seen and the classic pair of Oxblood Boots this look is something that every guy needs to be able to pull off. 

PaulFredrick // Topman // 
So now onto the more formal version of this look. The look itself has still a very much rocker/mod vibe to it but more tamed and a little tidy compared to our first look. Swap the blue tie for a black one, pair it with the navy braces, smart fitted trousers and the over sized black suit jacket and you've got a killer look fit straight from the 80's. 
I love how loud this shirt is compared to many that I have seen paired with formal looks and by matching it along side simple cuts and bold colours (you can never have too much black) this is such a modern look to were to any formal occasion and is very different from most of the formal looks that all the dads and "grown ups" are wearing most of the time. 
Paul Fredrick have some amazing designs on many of their shirts and ties, items that just jump out of a simple bold look like this one above. 

It's always a bold move to be able to take a formal shirt or trousers and switch them up to super formal or majorly dress it down, it can be a different way to appear to any formal event or pull up at a party with the complete rocker vibes and have the groupies swarm all over you. 

You can check out Paul Fredrick's new dress shirt line here.

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