Dealing With Body Confidence

This isn't going to be a totally true to self fashion post as you may have guessed by now, but this is going to be all about you, so I guess you could say that it includes fashion so we're both in a win win situation. 

I don't want this post to come across as a 'you must follow what I say or you'll be a nervous wreck your whole life' cause that is in no way what is this intended to be. 
I've really started to think about everything lately and one of the biggest things that I have thought about would have to be how I have personally changed over the past year or two regarding body confidence. I've always found body confidence a funny topic of conversation as everyone has this idea of who should be confidence and who shouldn't be, and that is the fist step to it becoming a taboo subject, talking about someones body shouldn't be only classified to the people you feel need to talk about it, anyone should be able to talk about their bodies and if they range from a size 4 to a size 18 then let me talk all they want about it. 
I've always found it hard to talk about my body and how I feel about it only as straight away what if people think I'm doing it for attention, or what if they think that I'm only doing it to get a response out of someone; so I stopped talking about it, i stopped worrying about it out loud, and so was born the sarcastic comments about my big bum, my height and then my crazy ginger hair. Really this is just a bit of a long post to let people know that body confidence is something that anyone should always feel comfortable about no matter who is talking about it, be it the first time or the 100th time you've heard them say something about their body. 

What Ever You Want, You Aim For!
As typical as it sounds I use to feel I needed to aim towards the best body type, I use to think I was gonna have to be size 8 to fit into anything and look good in it, but that isn't the case, I have learn to know what best suits me in clothes and what looks hideous, I know understand that the reason i can't wear nice trousers is because my bum is too big and gets in the way and to be honest thats okay with me, as I have aimed to feel better in body and that is what I have managed to do, I have finally hit my aim of feeling good in what I wear.
This isn't a target weight or a dress size that I'm aiming toward this is a personal goal that I aim to feel 100x times better about myself before I care what anyone thinks of me. 

You're Your Best Beautiful!
I got called confident the other day which came as a quite a surprise as it was never something I considered my self to be, I always though that just wasn't me, and then I thought that just by simply no longer giving a dam what anyone thought of me was confident, you can choose to listen to every word someone says about you or you can choose to tune it all out and listen to what you wanna hear. 
No one has the same idea behind what beauty is and thats okay cause lets face it no one is going to be beautiful to everybody, but if theres one person out there that needs to know you're beautiful then it needs to be yourself, because once you realise your true beauty only then can others see it shine out of you like sun beams. 

I like to thing that there is still some growing if not lots of going for me to complete before I am one happy about my body and two able o look and love everything I see, but that doesn't mean that you can't start now, so many times I have told people not to worry about what other people think as for too long I wasted my time on other people and now I what everyone else to stop doing the same, stop thinking about what others see in you or what others say because as long as you see the good things other people will start to notice them too. 

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