Florals For spring ... How Original

Skirt • PrettyLittleThing(Southend)
Top • Topshop
Shirt • Thrifted
Shoes • DrMartens

So yes I quoted Meryl Streep in the Devil wears Prada but you know who doesn't love Meryl  and who doesn't love that film. 

Even after me bragging about my all time love of winter and being able to wrap up warm I am kinda (quite a lot) looking forward to Spring now. Mainly as that means nice bright colours and pastels, exams will nearly be over and summer is just around the corner with my trip to Ibiza and Florida coming up I've got a lot to look forward to this year so.... as much as I love you winter please cane hurry up and move on your moments gone and you were so last year!

I brought this amazing skirt about a year okay from one of my favourite vintage stores in Southend and I've been errmming and arhhhing about how to wear it for a while. The skirt itself is very brought and not for the faint hearted but I thought I would be brave and just clash it with a bright blue floral crop top and a lovely gold shier shirt. So maybe not what you would have thought when pairing all these items together, but of course as there seemed to be so much cooler in this look and we all know that just isn't me, I toughened it up a little bit with my favourite Double sole DM boots and of course my Topshop Duster coat over the top to be sure that I got my favourite colour of all time, black in there somewhere. 

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  1. your hair is amazing!! plus the outfit is perfect, i love the layering xo


    1. ahh thank you sweetheart!! layers are needed in this horrible weather ahaha !! xx


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