Ginger, Bag And Tarten

I am really starting to get back into outfits posts as there has been quite a lot going on with getting everything getting sorted out, but I really will get more out there.

Duster Coat • Topshop
Scarf • RiverIsland
Bag • Thrifted
Shoes • DrMarten

Once again this outfit doesn't have that much colour in it and thats not all bad cause who doesn't love a good bit of black, and always my now new goes to shoes. I brought these shoes around a 2 years ag and if you look really closely they are falling apart and I could really do with buying some new ones but you what its like when you find something you just love and don't have the heart to throw out. 

I've recently dyed my hair agin and as you can see the colour is really bright and that why I think I'm wearing maybe more black than normal, my hair adds the colour into my looks that the clothes themselves fails to adds. 

Who else loves a bit, or a lot of black?

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1 comment :

  1. I love your crazy hair i wish mine would go like that! so much more interesting.
    Also love your monochrome outfit :) I like a dark outfit !



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