Gingers Do Have Souls

Yeah yeah I get it I'm a fake ginger, so basically my soul is still in tact. I became ginger by accident about 2 years ago, and have never looked back since, and seeing as everyone always asks me if I dye my Hair? Is it natural? What colour do you use? I thought I would share my little bit of hair wisdom with you beautiful lot!

I have experimented loads with what hair dyes work the best and if I ever was I am the worse creature of habit and hate it when things change, so when super drug stopped selling their 'Intense Brightening Colours' my heart sang so this time around was actually a pretty brave mood for me and I 'm rather happy with the turn out. 
I hate dying my hair cause that means taking 40 minuets to brush all the knots out, it won't dry or style right for at least a week afterwards and then I have to wait 3 weeks and do it all over again, plus dying my hair is not cheap, it costs around £23.00 overtime I do so and that is not a nice amount for a student on a budget. 

My hair dying process mainly consists of parting my hair along the middle, at the top and the sides in small enough sections to be sure I can cover every inch with the dye. I try to focus mainly on my roots with the brighter colour and with the most product and slowly put the darker shade on the ends, only as my roots are the bane of my life and love rejecting all colour with the slightest highlighter in. 
As you can tell from the photos I completely cover my hair in dye to the point of it running off the ends, and this is simply due to the thickness of my hair and bad experiences with missed roots and patches.


What Colour Dye Do You Use?
L'oreal Paris Shades 74 & 78 (with a 2:1 ratio)

How Long Do You Leave The Dye On Your Hair?
It depends on how much time I have and how tired I am but it ranges from 30-50 minuets.

How Often Do You Dye Your Hair?
I will leave my hair of as long as I can but normal no longer then a month and the moment my roots get horrible to bare!

I'm really interested in dying my hair a new colour, something along the pink/grey line, if you have any suggestions then be sure to leave a comment below!


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