Pukka Up!

I went through a bit of a stage where I never liked to wear lipstick and thought it made me look OTT, but lately I've found the mix of perfect shades to get me back into loving lip colours again. 

The whole Kylie Jenner look with lip liner and nude colours is a look I'm nearly loving at the minute but still can't help to add a bit of colour onto the lips just to give them a second lease of life if we haven't all got the money for endless amounts of lip injections (sorry I mean natural lips.) 

All of these lip liners and different shades of nude pinks, just to make the outline of my lips a lot more clear and easy to see, my favourite at the minuet has got to be the 'Ruby Red' by mac as it add an intense darker colour to the pink lipstick and gloss.  If it comes to anything, its that I am defiantly a creature of habit, but not one organised enough to buy 4 of the same lipstick just incase they stop selling the perfect shade *hint hint* soap and glory bring my the lip colour of my dreams! So when I found this Revlon lip colour in the exact same shade I literally lipped for joy in the middle of boots! its very much an every day colour that can be worn on its own for college of popping to the shops or when going out just adding the lip liner and gloss for a more dramatic eye catching look.

All of these colours are my go to lip colours of the moment and even though they are all rather similar I've got to say they all create a very different look. 

What are your favourite lip colours at the moment? I may be playing it a bit safe but let me know the boldest you're willing to go!


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