Becoming A Veggie & Eating For Vegtarians

So hello again beautiful people, as you may or may not know, I am Vegetarian (or for those of you wish to be picky, pescetarian, I still love fish.) 

I started out cutting meat out of my diet due to completing the Boo Tea 28 day detox, (Read My Review Here) this was back in June 2014, I was completed over the stress of exams, was eating rather crappy foods and due to work being super busy I found myself simply not bothering to try and find healthy lunches and dinner, I won't go into much detail about the Boo Tea experience as this isn't what this post is about, but all I can say it that it works and I'm greatly thinking about completing it again this summer just before my holidays to give me the added lift that I might need. 

I never thought I would be able to stick at not eating meat, it was never really a large part of my diet but it seemed to be easy and very convenient, but the moment I realised I couldn't have it anymore and I started to really looking into foods I noticed that it is literally the easiest thing to cut meat and replace in the diet. 

Replacing vitamins and keeping healthy:
Being able to keep all the vitamins and good stuff you get from meat within your diet can be hard if in some ways you don't have an already very broad taste for different vegetables and unlike me you decide to cut out fish also then you might ned to take protein and iron supplements. However being brave and trying new flavours and mixing it up with tastes you already like. 
When it comes to making sure I still eat all of the right foods I  things high in protein like mushrooms, tomatoes and rentals like kidney and chickpeas; these were all rather staple in my diet as it was but now I just make sure I either have more then I did before or try and add them into most things. As well as high protein vegetables I decided to keep fish in within my staple diet and this itself is very high in most of the same vitamins as meat, some of the best fish to eat are salmon and cod, these are 2 oily and high in protein fish that easy to prepare and taste great in just about anything! 

Over the past year I really started to look for the great recipes that there are out there for vegetarians and some of the best recipe books out there. 

  Are there any veggies out there that have their favourite books or recipes please feel free to put them below, I'd love to read about them. 

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