Going To Uni And Making The Right Choice

So hello again you beautiful people, todays post is going to be kind of a long one, I've been going through all of stress lately all about university, exams and just my future in general.
Now before I start this long old post I just want to say that, yes of course Uni isn't for everyone, and no you don't have to go to Uni to have a successful career, I mean for goodness sake 85% of people who have a career on the internet is just down through working hard from a young age and building something up. But even if you're not sure if you want to go to Uni or just not sure about what you want to do in general then maybe this post will help least one of you.

Going to University or not?
 It was never really a question with me about going to University or not as I have always loved school  and just the idea about moving away and studying purely something I choice with nothing to do with subjects I didn't want to indulge myself in, but this isn't always the case for some people, not everyone will know if uni is for them, so will no for certain that it isn't and some will have different degrees of what type of uni experience they want to experience. I know people who want to stay close to home, people who want to move as far away as possible and people who want to study part time in order to work, through the means of an after school scheme.
There are so many other routes that people can take apart from Uni, including apprenticeships, after school schemes, part time study, full time study or straight into work, depending on what ever you are interested in becoming will depend on the route that you take. I knew that I wanted to go to uni, it was just the topic I wanted to study was the think I seemed to be stuck on.

Choosing The Best Subject/Course:
I went through many phases surrounding what I wanted to study and I'm sure many other people did to, not many people are able to know and stick to the very first choice they decide upon studying. I went from psychology, to criminology, then completely opposite to journalism and finally focusing on fashion journalism. changing your mind is on of the best things you can do and really just researching different course as you may like the sound of it by what you have heard but until you've found out for yourself it might turn out you would 100% hate that cause for the next 3 years or more of your life. I knew for sure that when I started by blog and writing became a normal thing in my life that this was what I wanted to do, and through lots of research in different courses and universities I decided that this is what I wanted to do. I settled on Fashion Communication and promotions.

Gap year or go straight through?
I ermed and ared about a gap year for quite a while, the main reason I decided upon not having one was simply due to the fear of not wanting to come back after travelling around. But then I decided that if I was given the chance to take a year out, which I was given then I might as well make the most of it and decided to dos something a little more productive with the year then to only go travelling. I applied to study a level 4 diploma in Fashion Business and marketing within the London Retail academy. I would have loved to be able to afford to go travelling all around everywhere but instead I thought I would get some more experience, and well going into journalism the more experience I have the better chance I have of hopefully getting my dream job later on in life.
Gap years are always a funny thing to decided upon as many people just want to get the whole experience of education over and go into work and then some people see them as a complete chance to be able to have their last moment of 'freedom' before they move onto hardcore studying.

If this post can help even one person with their university choices or just any ideas if uni is something you want to do next year then have a little read and just think about what you really want to do, uni isn'y for everyone and not everyone needs to go.

Be sure to let me know how you feel about uni and your future in comments down below, who has decided to travel the world, and who has decided to simply go straight into work, and did it work out for you?

Love Always,

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  1. Unfortunately when I started uni I had to try to pay for it and try to support myself living on my own, which didn't work out. I would have loved to be able to afford to go straight through at a uni where they had coed dorms. That never happened and now I've gotten old. Oh well. Enjoy while you can, and best of luck and best wishes for good results from whatever decisions you make.


    1. oh no, its all so different for everybody! but thank you for the wishes and hopefully it all goes to plan! xxx


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