Met Gala - China Through The Looking Glass • Best & Worse Dressed

Hello again beautiful people, so as I am sure you all saw the weird and wonderful red carpets look from the Chine Through The Looking Glass Met Gala the other night and here are just a few of my favourite, and maybe you'll be surprised to see that there is no Beyonce, Kimmy K or Jlo to be seen. 

Best Dressed:

Jessica Hart • Valentino
Vanessa Hudgens • Custom H&M 
You must by now I have a special place in my heart for Valentino and this dress is no different, I love the chine style theme it has with the red carpet. Vanessa is bursting with cuteness with the 3/4 length number and cute little shoes, Its completely different from many of the more dressy styles but totally love it all the same it oozes fun and and compliments simply how excited she looks to be there.

Kristen Wiig • Prabal Gurung
Reese Witherspoon • Jason Wu 
Both of these dresses are totally different, flowing and then cut and suited but both are equally as beautiful. I love the simple block colour and shapes, something that wasn't very popular for some unknown reason the other night, there was many over the top patterns and shapes trying to out do one another but you can never go wrong with simple cuts and these too are doing it just right.

Worse Dressed:

It may just be my opinion but of some reason I have sen more badly dresses outfits from the other night and think some people may have gone a little bit too over the top with the theme.

Solange Knowels • Giles
Chloe Grace Mortez • Coach
I don't know if it is a pet hate of mine to have short dresses worn to a formal event and I guess it just remind me of when girls try to do it at prom but these two really didn't win in my eyes from the other night. Solange seems as though she failing to walk around comfortably and actually see over the dress while, if she just cut the top bit off I think it would be a lovely maybe slightly more party skater style dress.  But Chloe I think this time around she went a bit too out there, it seems very casual for something as iconic as the Met  Gala and just not fan of the way it sits on her small frame, what you doing Chloe you normally pull on out of the bag for the young girls out there. 

Dakota Johnson • Chanel
Miley Cyrus 
• Alexander Wang
Last year Miley went to far with the hair and the netting and this ear she went to far with the slightly ever too big cut outs in a dress that just hangs off her small frame. I would have loved to see this dress with a little more material and overall not such a flat frame as there is nothing for the dress to hug to. On the same end of the scale Dakota seems to have forgotten her dress and only worn a top, I know these events are made for daring fashion choices, but sometimes safe is better and we all know for this occasion less defiantly isn't more. 

Madonna • Moshchino
Katy Perry 
• Moshchino
These two I just don't get, bad enough turning up at the party basically with the same dress, but the dress and design being a bad one is never good. If it was just the dresses on their own and no graffiti then maybe, no for sure they would have been amazing shape hugging looks, but there's just something about street art on clothes that isn't ticking the boxes for me. 

Loving Always With Big Hair.....

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