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Festival season is a funny time of year for many people and it can't always be easy to know what you want to ear or what is the most protocol route to take. And as for myself I always love being to change the way I think about my outfits so I've put together 4 very different looks all of which would be very fashionable and look amazing rocking out to your favourite bands. 

• Boohoo Chic •
 Mango // Harrods // Wetseal // BlingJewelry // Pacsun 

Boohoo is the go to festival style being easy to pair florals, bell bottoms and a cool pair of sunnies and who can say they don't like looking like the coolest hippie in the crowd. I love this look as the dress is enough detail on its own with a few simple accessories and boots that will last in what ever whether Britain throws at you.  

Zara // Newlook // Topshop // DrMartens // RetroCitySunglasses
Kimonos have a special place in my heart along with Dr Martens so this super casual hip look is one of my favorites. Both the bralet and the skirt are super flattering and pulled in at the waste fulfilling that casual summer chick vibe, simply by completing the look with a velvet kimono it adds a cover up to a look that may have just a little bit to much but depending on how you feel you can always take it off on those intensely hot band days. 
Topshop // Monsoon // Tuckernuck // Nike // Nelly // Farfetch
It can get to the end of the weekend and you suddenly just want to be as casual as can be with little effort. This laid back sports look is super summery and could easily be made more dressy with denim shorts and boots depending on your style. 
LucLuc // Topshop // Forever21 // H&M // Mango
Forever wishing that I could fit hats on my head and then I would love to wear this in a giant flied watching my favorites bands over the weekend, I mean who wouldn't. This is a rather rocky outfit and would literally go with any pair of shoes as you can't beat all black and leather, and if you say you don't like black you're lying. 

Loving always through curly hair.....

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  1. Ah I love some of these looks! Fab post, I'm all inspired now (and then I look outside and see the hurricane currently ripping through the trees hahahaha) xx


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