Thigh Highs

I have got so much going on t the minuet with exams and finishing college that I'm really finding it hard to find the time to post regular updates and for sure d not have enough time to do OOTD posts as my social life is down to the bare minimum at the minuet and looks that way up until the 19th of June when I have my last exam. But I found the perfect excuse the other night to wear my favourite shoes while a star meal with the best work colleges was turnt into a Tuesday night, nightclub get out. 

Shoes •
Dress •
Shirt •

Once again I hadn't been out in while simply due to exams literally taking over my life but I found time to make it to a night out with the amazing people I work with and it was the perfect excuse to simple dress up and wear my favourite thigh high boots thats I hadn't worn in a long time. 
I wanted to dress up and make an effort and this was my brand new dress for holiday my favourite shirt and the best possible boots. 

Loving you from big hair...

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