Hair Transformation • Ginger To Blonde

I went and did it, I only went and did it.......

I thought ginger would be my colour for a long long time but I needed a change, and what better way to make a change then to change the most noticeable thing about me, my hair. 

I was so so scared about bleaching my hair as I had heard so many scary stories about killing your hair, it breaking off and even falling out, but thank god that I was fine after bleaching and in fact my hair has never been healthier!

 For a week leading up to the bleaching process I made sure that I brushed and oiled my hair overnight, I tried not to put too much heat or product on my hair and there was no back combing at all, if you are not able to keep up with the old and hair masks, then a simply by using normal conditioner and trying to wash your hair as little as possible will work as well.

The Bleaching Process:

Wella BlondMe
Wella BlondMe 6% Developer 
Blonde White/Grey Toner
Mixing Bowl
Application Brush 

With the mixing of the products I used a ration of 1.5:2.5, simple as I had a hard base colour and a lot of hair to cover, with many years of colour right at the ends. I would recommend getting all dead ends  cut off before bleaching as this will lessen the chances of them breaking off after the process and scoring you half to death. 

Always be sure to start at the ends of your hair on the bottom layer as this is the  section of hair with the most past dye on and it works out best to get all the roots and hair covered. 
You will notice that by the time you get to the top sections of hair the bottoms parts are already ing pretty blonde, but do not panic, it won't fall out or go white and you won't need to wash it out straight way, after around 30-40 the bleach stops developing for the best part anyway so simply be sure to leave the last section you cover for around 45 minuets, don't leave it any longer then the bleach suggests, the companies always know best. 

The 1st Result:

Now when you first bleach your hair do not be alarmed if the result is very yellow and brassy tones, no ones hair will go while or blonde straight away, you need to use toner to produce those results. 
I chose to use the Bblonde white/grey toner mixed with the Blonde toner mouse from XXL Colours, as I wasn't really aiming for white hair just yet. the result was great after just 30 minuets on my hair the new hashed and dried colour was exactly what I wanted. 

The Result:
This result is after another bleach of the back o my hair as that is the hardest bit togged, please always double check with someone that every inch is covered and maybe not do it when you're home alone so there is no one to check; as well as another bleaching this is also after 2 more toners, it may sounds like a lot but once you get the base colour then the rest will settle and simple keep toning every time you do the roots and if at any time you think the colour might get a little brassy. 

Please Be Aware:

Blonde is not a quick colour to get to, please be sure you know what you are doing before hand, I deeply researched the information as well as talking to hair dressers, watching videos, and looking up the best products to use, if you want my advice, do not use some random brand from eBay, spend a little bit more on a named brand to make sure you get what you paid for, bleaching your hair is not something done lightly. 

If you are someone that has previously dyed their hair then be sure to strip all the remaining colour out of the hair before hand as this will save having to re-bleach it and adding more damage to your hair. 

Of course there is no healthy way to bleach your hair but the more you look into it and the more research and people you talk to you will know what will work for your hair colour and what will work for you regarding what you have to complete it with. 

Let me know if you have any question regarding my bleaching process and I'll be sure to keep you up dated with after care and any changes that may occur in my hair. 

Loving you always....

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