Look In The Mirror And Tell Yourself You Look Good Today!

Go get up from the sofa and out of bed, stand in front of that mirror, (the bigger the better) and point out all the things you love on yourself, I mean all the lumps and bumps, the bits that wobble and the bits that don't.

Go and stand there and point out simply what you love.... GO NOW!

If I have leant something in my 18 years on this tiny lump of rock it is that loving yourself is something way too easy to overlook. It's too easy to sacrifice anything for the benefit of others and just is something that needs to stop. 

You can ask anyone and they will most likely be able to name things they don't like about them things before they can name one thing that they can love about themselves, a small fact that is hard to hear and unlikely to change in a long time, but something needs to be taught to all you wonderfully beautiful girls out there! 


1:  Embrace any floor and make it sparkle, make it sparkle out your arse like the fucking sun....

No body has floors if you learn to love them, floors as factors that you are simply not happy about, and all of that is internal, its all in your mushy brain. I have learnt to embrace my floors, to embrace my floors, walls and ceilings.... you cannot change the way you are, yes you can live off lettuce and run 10 miles a week but then again who would rather do that then the odd little bit of exercise here and again with the Netflix remote at the end of your finger tips. 

You shouldn't be hating on your floors you should be laying on the floor with cushions, cats, dogs and ice cream. 


2:  Be your own bridge and walk over your own stream .....

I would never say walk over anybody to get what you want, but simple don't rely on other people to make your own dreams. Your dreams are your drams for a reason and they should not be blocked by anyone who doesn't either 1 agree with you or 2 thinks they know best for you, dreams shouldn't stay dreams for long and you should make them reality in the shortest period of time that you can. 

If you can't be your own bridge then wade through the after till you get to the bright old dream you wanted to reach. 


Loving yourself and everything you are and will become, have ever been and will ever try to be is the greatest thing you can do for yourself, the weight will be lifted off your shoulders and you will feel 10 tonne lighter.  

So if you haven't already then go look in that bloody mirror!!

Name one thing below that you love about yourself.....

Always and forever from behind curly hair....

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