A Letter To My Younger Self • Listen To Your Mum

 You know that smug 13 year old self that thinks they know it all well, you need to unblock your ears, get you hair out your eyes, and listen to you mum, listen to her words like they're gold. 

I'm 18 going on 19 and I think I know a little, if only a tiny bit about my life and just what I should have or shouldn't have done, yes undercut I'm talking about you. 

If on the odd chance that your even more geeky 18 year old self manages to run into the totally cool Dr Who any time soon (btw don't stop loving that show it get even better) then I would maybe recommend listening to the wise wise words of your mother.  

DON'T shave your hair. No mater how long you spend clipping your hair back and thinking that half a head of hair looks good, and no matter how many people you see that are deciding to make the big shave, please please please decide not shave your undercut, it doesn't look good when you have short hair it becomes the biggest pain to grow back and just causes you trouble with all the rest of your hair. And most of all it simply causes you to spend hours trailing through Facebook deleting all the evidence of your silly hair do choices, keep your hair cause in a couple years you'll kill it that very much more with bleach and lets face it my hair is one of the only things going for you. 

DO continue wearing heels. You may be taller then most people and you may be able to see over everyones heads but don't go back into that time of never wearing pretty shoes simply because you feel a target for people to stare. There is no way that you are going to blend in you have massive curly hair, you're over 6ft in heels and if blending in way your plan you aren't achieving it very well. Heels make you feel good about your outfit they finish the whole look off and you know what who cares, you're tall and like pretty shoes so embrace it. 

DON'T  worry about your big arse. They run in the family and your mum has one and your sister has one and if Kim Kardashion can pay millions for a big one then you must at least embrace your natural fully bottom. Yes it's a bitch to wear jeans and to find trouser that ft properly; but you will learn to love it and embrace it and understand that big bums come with the life and that actually it looks killer in a body-con skirt. 

DO remember that not everyone is nice and that you won't stay friends with everyone forever, but only that the people who really matter will stay in your life for good. You will meet new people and they will stay or they will leave no matter what direction that they go in some people are bitches and some are meant to stay in your life for good reasons, but most of all the people who are good in your life are the ones you can't really remember how they got there, I'm not sure why but the best people you know will come into your life and stay there for good reason.  Some people will walk over you like dirt but that is only a small amount of people a little handful, most of all the good people will lead you too the good places and hold your hand walking there with you. 

Loving Always......

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