Growing Up Dress'gracfully • Wear What You Want

Have the patterns clash and the heels too high with the bold cuts and let people stare, better you make them stare. 

I am making it my mission to buy as many ugly shirts from second hand shops that I am able to. As many chunky shoes that I can get my hands on. I'll walk around in bold prints with eye catching patterns and the more people ask me are you sure, the more I'll wear them. 
So I'm 5ft 9in. I have pink hair. I'm sarcastic and loud. If I'm trying to blend in it's the worse job I've ever done. A long time ago I really stopped giving a shit about what people think of my clothes, hair, face or shoes. I recently watched a documentary about about 80+ year old women who love fashion and they literally wore whatever they wanted and it made me think, yes I am only 18 but I know now that growing a little older each year (of course like everyone else does) has made me realise that literally yesterday was January 1st so each year I am going to wear all the bright colours, bold patterns and ugly shoes that I feel like stomping around in. 
I feel like too many people decide to wear what they wear on the grounds of what other people think they should be wearing when they should only ever wear what they love. (How many times can I type 'wear' in one sentence.) I like over dressing and I like making an effort, yes I will walk outside like the zombie wannabe I can oh so easily be, but I will always make an effort and its all go big or go home, the bolder the brighter the more it all clashes then the better the look becomes. 

Loving you always....

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