My Totally Ab Fab Hair Do's

So I have heard rumours of an Ab-Fab movie and you know now I'm bringing out my inner 80's child including big hair, bright colours, hair spray, big hair, loud clothes and big hair! 

As a professional big hair  enthusiast but also a creature of habit I do all I can to keep my hair big and bright, but every now and again I fancy a change and these are my top 4 absolutely fabulous hair do's. 

My hair is hard to control at the best of times and I'm a horrible person for trying something new and since I've made the dive into pink candy floss hair and for the time being making the most of it, I've found a new love for mixing up the styles and a new found confidence to embrace bigger brighter and more fabulous hair. 

Flower Power:

This flower band was a sneaky purchase from my holiday to Ibiza and I love the way it sits in my hair especially with the pink that I'm braving at the minuet. I've always been a fan of this festival inspired style and it screams Ab Fab!
it puts volume into my hair so if one morning you want a little longer in bed so with the flatter hair the band adds the height you so desirer. 


Do you ever wake up and your hair just isn't doing what you want it to, the top is flat and the sides are sticking out. Well bung it up on top and work the messy just got out of bed hair, it looks super laid back, its comfy and most fabulously of all it only takes 2 minuets. 


I love the messy 'I just got out of bed look' and these messy buns are perfect for the hair all up out your face. I can show my sassy hooped earrings off this way and even though it does clearly show my roots I like the way the pink and black pair together!


Taking it back to the bad time in my life when I decided to make the bad choice to have an under cut. I'm loving the way my hair sits at the minuet, and the twists are less time consuming then plates and you can at least take these out and they don't look like you've gone overboard on the crimpers. 

Loving Always....

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