Don't Let Meryl Put You Off Being A Fashion Student

PH Credit: Charlotte Audrey

I use to have the idea that I needed to go university and do a fancy degree that would give me a high quality start up in a job that paid well and got me everything that I needed. But then I thought that I might night even enjoy that. I might not want that. And after thinking long and hard about it I decided that in fact I had no idea what any of that really meant. So I simply decided to go with the good old fashion style of doing what I wanted. I started with being a vet, then a psychologist and a criminologist and about 20 things in between all of those. I never thought that there would be a career within fashion if I couldn't draw or sew very well, and I defiantly didn't think that there would be a career on the other side of fashion. Writing, PR, photography and styling are something that I had no clue about until I started blogging. Blogging has been a way for me to be able to identify within a possible future career. So as you might have guessed from this title I decided to become a fashion student. Not the glamorous kind that goes to fashion shows 24/7 but simply the one that who has a passion (wait for rhythm to commence) for fashion. I realised that I had become interested and passionate about something for the first time in a long time and then I thought that I should probably do that one thing for maybe the rest of my life. Or maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you get what I mean. Find something you love and don't hang about just pursue it, do whatever you can to be able to complete that journey. I use to sit around and wonder what I wanted to do, I wanted to be the cool arty farty kid who dressed cool and could just sit and doodle a master piece on the back of their math books but that never was the case. So why not help the arty kids organise their art. Why not help them promote it. Why not help them write about it. Why the hell not. Ah why the hell not. Being a fashion student is hard work and from the moment I decided, I knew that I would do all that I had to in order to get where I want. I have nothing against anyone who choses, lets say a more academic approach to education. In fact I applaud you I wish I had the patience and the brainpower in order to do so. But that isn't for my I'm afraid. It involves interning, hard work, long days bitchy oh so bitchy people and a hell of a lot of colour, clothes and great shoes.

I have this fear of simply getting up each morning catching the train then just sitting in an office all day long completing the same old thing each day. And I mean it in no disrespect to office workers I just see them traveling each day and it not. It is so far from what I want in life. But this post has turned into more of a personal meaningful post about my life. Just a little off track. But let's get back to basics. Do whatever the hell you want to. Find what you have a passion for. Love what you want to do and do it. Do it until there are no more ladders to climb. Stop waiting for what others want you to do and do what you need and what to do to get where you need to be.

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