Should I Shave My Legs Or Just Wear Tights

"Be who you are and say what you feel, cause those that mind won't matter and those that matter won't mind." 
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Now this is not a post about shaving your legs, this is not a post about winter is coming, this is a post about self love. I have noticed that my blog has taken rather a different turn lately and there have been a lot of 'self love' posts. No it is not my ego inflating to the size of a house but I've been feeling a lot of love to give lately. But yes winter is coming and yes tights are going to be the difference between you and a 15 minuet lay in. I don't want to get deep with the public expectations of women and what society saids that you should look like as currently as I write this it 10 o'clock in the morning and even for someone like me there has to be a limit to how much I can take on in the morning, but still if you wanna go out with hair legs then you do it. (I'm hoping by now that you have all understood that when I say hairy legs I do in fact been anything, my hairy legs could be your glasses, your hair colour, that favourite top of yours or even your make up free face.) Nothing that you feel comfortable doing should ever be be put down by other people, if you like then you should 1. Be allowed to love 2. Do it, wear it, show it off whenever you want to and 3.under no circumstances should you just because it is something someone else doesn't like, should you have to hear them slate it and put your favourite thing down. 
If I could be it back to the age old argument of why is a man being topless in public acceptable, but a women is seen as illegal. Everyone has the same bits, everyone has nipples and bob tissue, it just so happen that a women’s look slightly 'more' then a mans. But of course this is another issue altogether but I'm on a little bit of a rant now so why carry on. I've been thinking a lot lately all about the 'acceptable' factors of many societies. (Note to elf stop using inverted commas, because in real life they're just bloody annoying.) 

Things women go through regularly as they do not fit into the worlds little idea of what they should be and how they should act:
1.  "Are you ill today, are you tired, did you not get a lot of sleep last night?" Roughly translates into.... "No I'm just not wearing any makeup today" ..... Followed by "why?" ...... because having to sit at home for 40 minuets and put this make up on my face when I don't feel like it is horrible so i decided not to..... iI do not put makeup on my face to impress other people, I don't see how the situation I'm in is good enough to waste this £30 foundation and you certainly aren't worth it seeing it on my face. 
2.  Cat Calling.... If you have no idea what this is then you are either lucky or you're the person doing it and think you're 'funny' 
3. Having to reach unnatural levels of beauty, where photoshop has been the photos best friend but unfortunately there is no little trademark in the corner letting the world know that that is not really how that women looks, but we'll let you believe it so you try and reach the same levels as a machine. Why don't you let me photoshop your personality and then maybe you'll get one.  
4. (Tall girls only soz) "Are you sure you wanna where heels I mean you're gonna be taller then everyone there already?" "Oh you're wearing heels too?" "well you're gonna find it hard to have a guy whose taller then you" ..... FYI I'm already taller then my friends in flats so why not even it out in heels, sorry converse and a dress isn't really the look i pictures for this night club, and I wouldn't wanna meet someone in these sleezy night club anyway as they'd all have the same mind set as you. 
5. "Are you really gonna eat all that?" ..... Well you know what if I wasn't then I wouldn't have ordered it and yes I can sit here and eat a burger, because everyone knows the only food you are not allowed t eat on a date is spaghetti but apart form that I could order the whole god dam platter and then you will get to know that I do not give up easily, so take it as a complement that i am letting you see me at my best. 

I feel as though this post has taken a turn into a completely different directions then what I first thought it would do, but it has been quite fun writing it. 
I do not come with 0 flaws, in fact I would love to meet someone who does. But as of lately I have really tired to embrace them all. I have freed up my time from thinking about what others think to day dreaming about other stuff. How Benedict Cumberbatch will soon realises he loves me... sorry Sophie. How to bring my bleached hair back to life again. How to get a job that I absolutely adore doing (any fabulously paid internships out there *wink wink*.) And also what to add to my ASOS basket next time the outlet back appears on the site. Having so much time for freeing up my head as been a great weight off my shoulders. I mean yes of course I still worry about what others think. But that worry has been cut into thousands of pieces and scattered away, compared to the giant block of it beforehand. 

Now I know just as much as the next person that saying "Oh you can get over it" is a lot easier said then done, but once you say it to yourself all you can do is start. Pick out the things you think you need to chance, but don't just change them cause you feel that everyone thinks you should, chance them because you want to. If you think you have a big bum then wear those bodycon skirts and let people see dat booty! If you have big hair then make it bigger! And for all you tall girls out there if you think you're too tall, then I'm sorry but you're not tall enough, wear the biggest heels you an find and walk like you're on a runway. The best advice I was every given is written in italics at the very top of this page, because the people that matter in your life will accept you flaws, lumps and bums, dodgy hair styles, bad shirt choices, loud inappropriate comments and all. 


Loving Always,   

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