19 Things Which Make Me Happy

Life is not always not always what one wants it to be... but to make the best of it as it is, is the only way to be happy - Lady Randolph Churchill

So today I woke up one year older. Well in fact at 10:19 this morning exactly 19 years ago, a small 5ft2 women was giving birth to ME. I already had a sister who was sat someone with my nan I suppose. I haven't gone into deep detail about my birth. It's not in my common interests. And my dad was someone next to my mum giving her all the support he could manage while having his hand broke from all the hand holding.
So with my now much more knowledgable head on my shoulders, this being the last year of my teenage dream. Here are 19 of the best things to make me happy. Have made be happy. And will always make me happy. 

1. Music Concerts/Gigs
Ever since I started going to gigs and concerts I never really found anything quite like the feeling you get seeing your favourite band. Ask anyone who has thrown their killer moves in a slightly drunken state with their friends and even strangers matching the footwork and they will tell you the ticket was worth everything penny. After gig envy is a real thing and anyone who says other wise hasn't been to a gig before. 

There is literally not anything material out there like velvet, if you don't like walking around in velvet dresses, coats or leggings, skirts that swing around and shoes that look to pretty to wear then you my friend are lying to yourself. I have made it a promise to myself that I am going to meet a dress maker who will allow me to only ever wear velvet ball gowns, velvet shows and the best, and oh the best shoes. 

3. Tea
How very British Oh me to want tea, in fact change that, need tea, you can ask my mum, I think I follow her path of the love of a good old cuppa. When I was little it was always tea, and even now I go through my brief moment of 6+ cups a day. Those are the good days, the days of just sitting and chatting about anything and everything, tea brings out conversations. 

4.Romantic Comedies
F you for raising my expectations of first dates, and men, and prince charming. Yes I know there isn't going to be no bad boy with a boom box stand outside my window, no school rebel spend a whole detention trying win me over and there is for sure no one pretending to marry me to actually then fall in love with me. But come on guys please try and follow the lead, at least a little bit of the Hugh Grants, Health Ledgers, and Mr Darcys of the world. 

Time for the soppy part, the loving part and I wont show my mum this as she will get happy and cry happy tears everywhere. Me my mum and my sister have been through quite a bit, rather alot of loss and sad times, but I've managed to get through with the help of them both. I've managed to cope with loosing  a parent, loosing family members, loosing friends and failure, all to get back up and try harder next time. I've been able to meet wonderful people and to extend my family further to open my heart to the people that matter most. 

I have been lucky enough to have met some wonderful people, and lucky enough to call those people my friends. Right now I think there are some of the best people in my life, my best friend. Who is amazing. All my college girls who are going far far far in life and then everyone else I have met through work, and just general human beinging as the socilte that I so clearly am. 

7. Reading
This is starting to sound like an 'about yourself' section on a dating website. Oh well who knows maybe I'll meet the perfect guy 9another clasical romcom that melt my heart.) Read is something everyone loves and if you do not then what are you surely doing with your spare time, all those long plane rides and train journeys what are you even doing... god! I will read all day every day, if it could be my job I would make it that. 

8.Mac n Cheese
Okay so maybe no longer like the advert for 'please date me' but just I was thinking long and hard about 19 things that make me happy and I was finding it really hard to come up with all these normal things, like friends and family and films and reading, when I remember that I love food, sorry to all you hungry people out, vegans and non cheese lovers, with you gluten free diets but how could you not. It is the Mona Lisa of all the foods. Comfort food 101. 

9. The smell of the ground after it rains.
This is the word I came across from watching doctor who a couple of years again, and I realised this is one of those happy smells. Everyone has a smell that for some strange reason they love and this is mine. Maybe its because I'm  winter baby and I dislike summer so much or maybe its just because I am British through and through and rain in my weather channel 95% of the year. 

10.Doctor Who
I am a self proclaimed, honest, open and proud geek. Plus I am British so it just makes sense to love doctor who, I love the old and the new but more importantly the new, yes David and Mat I'm talking about you. I brings me such joy on a Saturday night and will do for years to come as it will never stop.... NEVER. 

11.Adorable Celebrity Dads
Sometimes I get a bit. Only a little bit carried away with celebrities and how cute they are with their wives, girlfriends and babies. And I feel I can relate when I see happy celebrity dads just being super 150% cute with their kids! 

12. New shoes
 I do not want red red bottom shoes, or diamond studded shoes, I want chunky soles, second hand and worn. Shoes which look lovely and are comfy, I have like many people a real obsession with buying shoes. There is just too many nice ones to say no to. 

13. Long Train Journeys
Having family up north has allowed me to have long 4 hour train journeys to think about life. Well not really just to read and and talk, something about the train journeys that make me happy. 

14. Discovering New Music
This is getting really hard to find things which make me happy but I am determined to finish. Finding new bands, either from friends, online or the radio and then realising that you love them is one of the best feelings. Thats how I found The 1975 and look how amazing they turnt out. 

15. Charity Shops
My love of second hand things stems from my love of charity shops, not the pee smelling type but the lovely at home my nan loves you, come and drink the tea. Finding the hidden gems you wouldn't find anywhere else is the best. 

16. Comedy Shows
I would rather go and watch a comedy show then any other type of musical or other show. I have seen countless amounts of performance and think I relate on a spiritual level to Lee Evans. 

17. Prosecco
Alcohol you old old friend, prosecco is the socially acceptable drink which you can drink anywhere, and when I mean anywhere breakfast lunch and dinner, it will welcome you with open arms. 

18. Dogs
Dog person through and through, I hate cats, so naturally dogs are my best friend. Any dog anywhere and I will go and pet them, they're so happy and loyal and just improve any mood or situation. 

19. Bottomless Handbags. 
Finding all the good stuff you didn't remember you had at the bottom of your bag.Most of the time I have a bag which is too big for any situation. I like to use the term suitcase rather then bag as I feel it fits better. 

What are the things which make you happy?

Loving Always...

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