Alice Adventures: The 1975 Tour

Yeah counting cards was the best job he ever had.
Cleaning up.
He got good with his 4′s and his 2′s.
Community service was the best job he ever had.
Cleaning up.
He got sick on the floor and his shoes.

As they 3rd times a charm, and for sure these 4 men and their sax player were just as amazing this time around as the last 2 times I have seen them play. I made my way to my local theatre after a wonderful yet cheesy dinner with my bestfriend to wait in the cold and then make our way towards the crowded standing area in ore to watch my all time favourite band play for another time.  Through the crowds of 14 and 15 year old hipster. Some of which need to go back home and learn some manners. There was 90 minuets of new songs old songs and sad songs. Paired with what appeared to be many empty empty glasses of wine they sounded just as good, and even more happy to be there then ver before. 

Trousers • Rokit // Top • RiverIsland // Blazer • Beyond Retro // Shoes • Puma

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