Monday Taught Me That.... I'm old, tired and unorganised

Is it just me or has this, week, month, year flown by. I have lost track of this year and where all the time has gone, where it's going and what I've got left to work with here. I've only got just over a month to fulfil my new years resolution in reaching ultimate body goals. Oh well I guess this wasn't my week. So Maybe next week will run in my favour, as that seems to be the only running that happening around here. 

So this is the start of the new blog, diary style blog. So sit back be prepared to learn some life long lessons. I still can't really grasp the fact that this year has gone so fast. I swear it was January 2 days ago. And still I'm struggling to fulfil my  new years resolution. Something which there is a strong probability that it may or may not. More like may not happen. 
But this week wasn't much for interesting activities or much to actually write about. So maybe this week wasn't the best time to start this post. But oh well I'm into it now so maybe I'll just carry on.  This week I have realised that I am 100% crap at time keeping, I have been working literally every day, taking on over time while all trying to figure out when I can fit in completing all my assignments from college and also just being able to have a well given break. As a result of this I have come to the conclusion I should teach myself to like coffee, drink more red bull and invent some kind of machine where sleep is no longer needed, and then maybe just maybe I'll be able to get everything I need done. And fingers crossed completed to the best quality. 
As well as realising that I have little to no time control, and I'm well and truly screwed on time with assignments I have also realised that I can sleep for England. I mean if there was a gold medal in over sleeping and sleeping through alarms then that would be me. This week seems to be following along the lines of tiredness and not enough time in general. I am always organised and set a nice early alarm to make sure I get up with plenty of time to get everything I need done for the day. But just because that alarm goes off does not mean that I will or should always get up. Sometimes my brain just says 'NO' and 3 hours later I wake up annoyed at myself for over sleeping wasting time. But feeling oh so refreshed and better about the half a day I have a head of me. Any tips on how to beat sleep will be much appreciated. 

I have recently started a new job working for my local Topshop, and have for the first time since leaving my first job that working in retail is fun. Shocker... drum roll, faint. I know if you ask many people how retail life treats you they may not be so favourable. And please don't get ahead of yourself as I still have black Friday and boxing day to come so for all you know this opinion could be changing in the next week or so. But for now it's fun. There are some of the nicest people were I work who have made me feel so welcome and comfortable that it really is a enjoyable experience to be. Soppy and emotional part of the post over. Be prepared, get your heart strings ready for a least one section of the post each week to involve such a section. 

Leading swiftly on, I feel as though I should and maybe have already, but it is blocked inside the back of my mind, blocked and never coming out but should start to mature. I'm at the ripe old age of 19 now. Even though everytime someone asks me I hesitate and feel as though I should be saying 18. I am in my last teenage year. It's scary to think about and quite frankly I really do not want to even comprehend that next year I will through and through be a full exclusive adult.... I can't even say the words out loud. The dreaded A bomb is not ready to be dropped as of yet. I keep having little jokes with my best friend regarding us growing up and being adults and about 2 years ago that seemed like the far distant future but now it's just around the corner, with the next birthday being one of maturity and adult hood. I don't think I'm ready to be an adult, god I don't think I was ready to even be a teenager. I feel as though the ratio of clubbing to dinners has changed dramatically and I find myself going out for dinner and drinks more then drink drinks drinks and clubbing. And I think I'm liking that a lot more. 

What has your week taught you, how fabulous has this week been for you? 

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