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It's time for a change, I have been feeling for a long time that my blog isn't going where I wanted it to. I was still loving what I was writing but not channeling the right ideas to where I wanted it to go. 
For a while now I have been trying to channel what I am writing into where I wanted it to go. I feel that it has been coming for a while now that my blog was going to take a different turn and go down. I still want to channel fashion and beauty as this is and has always been a passion of mine but I want to make my blog a wider range of myself, an extension of my own mind.
There has been a lot more focus on self confidence and lifestyle over fashion and beauty at the moment, and that purely comes down to time. This is not a full time this is a blog for experience and my general interest and loves so I find it hard to have the high quality images that full time blogger are able to take, I cannot always have the time to post, edit and take photos for what I want, I work and juggle college which at the best of times is hard enough and being able to post wish lists and created ideas is sometime easier and to be honest my interesting then simply outfits. I don't just want my posts be all I am wearing and that is that. I want my blog to have more depth and be something that people can rally find interesting. Of course there will still be fashion and beauty as with the line of this blog that is involved in my life but that is not the sole purpose of this blog, and I am happy that I can start getting it to a place I really am proud to have under my name. 

There is going to be more regular posts on subjects that I want to write about with everything that I feel proud about posting and sharing with everyone. 

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  1. Nice post! Btw, you look cute in that picture :)

    Karen Shannon @


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