Skin And Bare It

If anyone ever says that they have perfect skin, with not a single blemish, red spot, black head, dry patch, lump and bump or a shiny/oily T zone then they're lying. There is no two ways about it. No one has perfect skin. Everyone skins type is different. I mean I seem to have grabbed the branch from both ends and claimed oily and dry skin. The whole 2 in 1. It's a baffling conclusion to having o deal with. But I'm getting there. One shiny forehead at a time. 

Now I just like many people I have suffered from staring into that mirror and realising that the sun in stead of shining out of my arse in in fact shining right of my forehead, chin and nose. Shiny is never a good look. With that 'dewy woke up morning look' being a push to cover it up. I hate having to reapply powder throughout the day as when I get home I realise I have quite literally caked it on over my self for a good 12+ hours. Not something you wanna see all over your flannels. I wish I had the man power to leave the house and not have to have makeup on. Now don't get me wrong I will go outside 'O natural' if it is simply to the shops and when I was in college and my old job I was known to make a few appearances with my good old bare skin. But most days. 8/10 I will have some sort of make up on ma face. I am in no way. In fact I am miles, thousands and thousands of miles away from a makeup genius, skilled applier, or in fact in the hand of possessing any type of make up skills at all. But I'll give it a go with the knowledge I have hold of. (Prays to self to have conturing lessons from Adele.) 

I love a good old pamper. And all that really means is hunting through my mums beauty cupboard to find her lotions and potions in order to make my face feel as smooth as a babies bum. I myself do not have the luxury of spending hundreds of my little to name pounds of face masks and toners and creams. So once again it's all completed on a budget. Superdrug own brand face masks, you are indeed a little packet of fruity smelling joy. I have struggled with a couples of years to find the perfect combination of creams and makeups to help battle the shine. The endless promises of 'a matte finish' and 'battles shine in just one day' I didn't think I could take throwing another full bottle, tub or pot away knowing I had brought it in complete vain and how it would do nothing but add to my shine or completely dry my face out, and I mean on par with crepe paper. 
I have realised after much lying to myself and hopes it would go away, that I do not need all the makeup that I use to so devotedly apply to my face. In fact the less I use the better I feel from it. 

My Top Tips For Oily Skin:

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