Times Need A Changing

I decided that I would write a little thing that I have been talking about for a while and something that has been playing on my for while and with all the recent angels making their way down the isles it is also something that has been playing on many other peoples minds and also hitting the head lines. 

I would like to say that anyone who knows me will understand that I like many people have had my fair share of body issues, I wished my legs were a little longer, (well a lot longer), I wish I was a dress size or 2 smaller and a cup size or two bigger in the breast department wouldn't go a miss. Unlike these disney movies everyone seems to know and love I have no fairy god mother or magic lamp and therefore I can either exercise 24/7, eat leaves, and save up for plastic or embrace what the big man himself gave me. And for the best part I think I'm really starting to bloody love what I've got. In know way will it ever be perfect and in know way will i probably stop wanting to change little bits of it, but I will, oh yes I will stop wishing I looked like someone else. The 'new image of beauty' is making its way up the line. Yes in my opinion it is well over due and needed to arrive around the time of my 13 birthday so I could stop wishing I looked like Avril Lavigne, but none the less it is here and making its way through the crowds with a big old bang and glitter cannon. I cannot explain enough how happy I am to see the likes of Gracie Victory working her stuff in Magazines and on the home page of Evans, how Nadia Aboulhosn dresses how she wants, bringing out plus ranges in every store and with more and more companies realising that you haven't got to be a size 4 to be beautiful. 

But there is still quite a significant amount of controversy around the subject, the term 'plus size' has been seen to come with a dirty shadow of mixed opinions of how it should be understood. Now I would not call myself plus size but I would say and its clear by my lumps and bumps that I am in no way the image of models you find of the 95% of retailers and campaigns. I have brought clothes from 'curve' sections of the store I have brought items from the plus size section and I have brought clothes from the 'normal' section of stores to. I can range from a size 12 to a size 18 and that is in know way anything I am ashamed of. 

I never understood what loving your body meant until around 1-2 years ago when I really stopped caring what other people thought of me and simply dressed how I wanted to. There is no shame in being different sizes, or any shame in not being the perfect idea of beauty that many people have inside their heads. 

I had no idea and I mean -100% of an idea that the VS fashion show was even taking place. So with the idea of blogger hanging above my head that was a bad move. 0 points to Alice for letting work and college take over your life. But I have since sieved through the endless Instagram posts and twitter updates all about the perfect bodies of beauty from the angels themselves and come to a conclusion of one thing. I do not like the idea or image it creates. I don't want this to come across as a "I hate skinny girls, you need to eat more burgers, oh my god someone buy her a burger," type posts but simply a cry for the 'normal' body. Yes those cheeky inverted commas are back and for good reason. There is not a normal idea of beauty. Take it back to the cheesy, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But I like to think that this is indeed the case. So many retailers have embraced, and in the best way of the term, accepted that real idea of women. I myself am over the moon to be able to see 'real' women being able to love themselves as they can and should be. Girls, women and anybody who doesn't feel at home in their own body can feel 10000x more happy and beautiful in their own skin whenever they see anyone who they can relate to loving themselves and embracing any flaws they might hold. 

Loving Always,

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