21st December 2015 • Is It Okay To Love Twilight Again?

So I realise that this whole blogging everyday thing has come to a bit of  a stand still and I can only blame assignments and deadlines for that! So it have nothing to do with myself. And 100% to do with the over whelming stress it has taken me to complete them all, and manage to recover enough afterwards. Of Course I found a stress realise, it stumbled across from me on my small television screen the other night. In the likes of vampires and werewolves.

Is it really okay to love twilight again. I will without shame put my hands up to being one of the hundreds of teenage girls. And while I have one small teenage year left I'm holding onto that title as one of the many lovers of the pale sparkly dude from harry potter. But it was the second film, cause lets not lie here, who really likes the first film. I mean even as a fan they rightfully mucked that one up.
But it kinda got me thinking about old things that I'd forgotten I'd loved a couple of years ago. Hand in hand with the 80+ books I have upstairs and still need to read. Yet thinking I was some how organised into managing to reread this series on top of al the others. I need 4 more hands and 2 more heads. I use to sit and read for hours in my room when these books where all the rage. I read the first 2 in one day and the next 2 in a week. Oh how fun it was when I had spare time and didn't work or need deadlines, stressful enough to pull my own hair out.
Now don't get me wrong I love the books, the films are a little erghhh, but the books are amazing. High five to Stephenie Meyer for dreaming about these pale face beauties. Maybe I should write about my dreams. maybe theres a multi-dollar industry in dreams about your dog and running to college. Who Knows. I never thought that I would forget about my love for twilight but oh how I have underestimated its hold. Yes my inner geek is back again. Maybe they should come right out and bring the quotes and stories from from 13 year old Alice that she knew so well.

So what is your geek obsession?

Love Always Alice

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