7th December 2015... The Beginning Of The End

So maybe I should start by wishing and hoping that I carry this on, this is a big old commitment, in fact it is a massive commitment and I hope that seeing as I have had 2 successful days writing in my new snazzy note book from WHSmiths, then I'll be able to keep this up. I've been saying a lot lately about how I feel I haven't found my calling in blogging and that I ideas are thew are far between, so maybe this is where me fits in. I simply want to write about stuff I enjoy. Take experiences and share them. Add in a few (maybe a lot of sarcastic comments) and I'm sure it'll all go swimmingly.

So... Dear Diary (maybe thats a little too formal?) Hello, (well that just gets me wanting to blast out good old Adele.) Right... Hello it is, bare with me that song won't be popular forever.
      I'm not sure what the aim of this is, maybe its to simple poor my heart out to the internet, be the voice every lost soul goes to, the cool aunt of the cyber world, or the most likely of them all, after 3 years I've decided that I don't just want to pose in my clothes and tell you where I brought them from. Don't get me wrong there is still going to be fashion, beauty and lifestyle as I love posting that stuff, I just feel that letting my heart (mostly  my head) poor out onto the page is a better way of sharing things on my blog. It has gone through a very snazzy remodel, which may the way is amazing. The posts themselves have been changing lately and me as the old 19 years that I have reached have decided this is what I want to write about. Kinda Daily vlogging yet without my moon face on the camera, no camera involved, completely on a different website, and you can't hear my voice. So when you're reading this out loud, give me a good voice. A sexy voice. A voice like Phoebe when she has her cold in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
     I'm not to sure whether my life is interesting enough or not write about it and what happens everyday. But I'm hoping that it will give me some motivation to be more spontaneous and exciting, rather then just sitting around doing nothing. I need an excuse to more exciting things, even if that means on my own. I want to. I need to get out more and just see things. Take more pictures of stuff as that Is all I really want to be able to do share moments with people and see places I might normally see. See this post has already got me looking at things to do. I'm looking at 2 day get aways to see places. AirBnB's which are quite frankly dirt cheap and amazing places to stay for 2 days. Sorry mum but I need to be brave. Not not even brave just not so bloody boring. I use to be more exciting then this I swear.
   However sadly due to me being obsessed with time, scared of getting kiddnapped and have a nice of the word over protective mum, these so called spontaneous trips will be somewhat planned to a certain extent. Why is it that money is so hard to come by. Well no not money time. Why does it feel like at 19 I have not time. Surely that shouldn't happen till at least 30. I have time to do what ever I want but what ever I want to do costs money, takes up time. And if I want to be able to simple go places I need money which is what working occupies my time. I'm in an endless dilema of being poor arse lonely.
 Loving Always Alice 

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