8th December • Sequins It's A No From Me

So everyone has that thing that they can wear, and I have found my weakness .... sequins. They are not for me they do not look nice, they do not look anything that is in anyway acceptable to wear in public.
So I belive that today was not my day, the bits I got up to at college were great, well apart from literally doing no work, and indulging myself in funny snap chats but that doesn't have to be mentioned, lets pretend I got loads done. But I just kept experiencing heart attacks at the moment I thought I had left my phone in sainsburys, someone stood on my laptop bag, thinking I left my train tickets and pass on the train, having room men snap at me on the train and reaslising that I got lost coming out of Bank station. If anyone is looking for sympathy today. Then it's me. Over here. Right here. I need a hug. 
And to simple top it all off the dress I ordered looks awful on, hence the title of todays post. Pat on the back for the smart joke their Alice. I get this overwhelming feeling new christmas and new year to wear glitter and sparkly things but now I have been able to eliminate sequins from that equation. I feel as I work in a certain well know high street store that there a bit of pressure on my to look kinda amazing at the christmas party, which when compared to the fact that the girls at work make me look like a foot is no big help. I want to be able to find the most amazing dress and then maybe only ever wear it 2 or 3 times again. As outfit repeating is my crime of the century. Speaking of which I am determined not to bring back out the trusted old off blue shoulder number, that is in every situation my back up dress, I just think that it's my little baby and the day that dress is no longer acceptable to wear. Yes 50 year old Alice I'm talking to you, it shall be passed down as something everyone will love it as much as I do, will, did and forever. This is a matter of fact and not up for argument. Future children. Sorry. 
Along with my day being the day from hell, I also decided within something rather good, I am no longer not going to enjoy myself just to watch what I eat or what I'm wearing. I couldn't stand out more amongst the grey and black suits this money and in fact everytime I go up to London in the morning and yes I see you staring at the most amazing scarf you will ever see and yes I do not care. I do not look good in a pan suit, in fact grey is never my colour and by wearing black I choose to look mysterious and just case my boss says I have to. So stay true and where what you want and yes the women on the train who made comments about my trousers you're just jealous you don't own a pair. 
Well that was a very empowering finish to my brain explosion, maybe a little bit to much for 9 o'clock at night?

Loving Always 

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