9th December 2015 • Prosecco And Pitch Perfect = Fun

So you know poor persons champagne, or in other words prosecco. Yes well that and a combination of my sister and her boyfriend visiting from uni has made me dance to pitch perfect. 100% choreographed routines done perfectly to the music of the wonderful Pitch Perfect.

So when it comes to making the most out of this whole things I think a big well done is in order as this is the 3rd day in a row that this is continuing and for that it deserves a well done. And maybe another glass of prosecco. Or two. All throughout college at the minuet we are completing ur first set of assignments, this entails a lot of time spent in a classroom tying to get around 9 thousands word completed and written within the next week. But this also means that every 2 hours or so after a lot of words we loose our minds a little bit. The loosing our minds normally includes a lot of snap chat stories, images, laughing at things that aren't and normally wouldn't be funny are found hilarious! 
I found that I am made for dancing around the kitchen to my favourite songs, and with the added help of processo will always these nights! 

What are your favorite kitchen bangers? 

Love Always 

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