Becoming More Spontaneous

I have decided to get my rather large arse off the seats and get it doing more of what I want. 

I have just finished my first term at college, I've aged to 19 and decided what I actually want to do with my live. There has been a strange development in what I want to do with making memories with hundreds of pictures making sure that I can go more places and not just sitting in and putting it off with the term 'I'll do it tomorrow'. I don't want to sound like I've just got old cause of cause I have only just been 19, but still I'm moving onto uni next and with those 3 years going to be some of the hardest and time less of the next years I want to make sure that I get everything in that I want to do before my life is all assignments and no time. (Pretty much what its like now.)

Bucket List 
(created before my life becomes endless amounts of essays and I actually get old.)

Visiting Amsterdam On My Own
Visit Paris
See More Art Galleries
Take More Photos
Write more
Revisit Berlin
See Brighton
Visit The London Eye 

What are your top things to do before your next birthday?
Love Always

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