Sunday Taught Me: I'm Sarcastic, Tired and Hungry

I don't know why but this has been the week from hell. Oh maybe it's because all I have done is work and stress over assignment deadlines. That could be a big part to why I have nearly pulled my hair out this week. 
So I'm not saying that I hate everyone. But I hate everyone. Working in retail is hard, and if anyone tells you different then they are 1. lying or 2. never have they worked in retail. People are rude, they talk to you like children and they expect you to run after their every need. Most of the time when you are rushing around already with 4 jobs on your hand at that moment in time. I have really felt myself smiling through the pain. I have felt like for the better part of the word. crap this week and with the added stress of college and my first deadline in 7 days I wish I could run away and hide. Anywhere will do I just want to hide. Even if for a little bit. Do you think if I hide I'll pass college. A distinction in running away from my feelings. I take my hat off, a round of applause, along side a standing ovation for the managers, supervisors and team leaders of retail stores that are able to stay sane as I think I might just loose what little part of my mind I have left. great round guys (please ignore the sarcastic tone I seem to hear myself saying whenever I read that back.)

I have always said that I am starting to accept that I am never going to be skinny, I would be naive to belive that I ever would be. Unfortunately the Tucker family are not the type to be skinny minni's. But you never know a girl can dream. Dream wish and rub a lamp. You never know. But there come this side of me that has no motivation. In fact I think the world 'no' is even an understatement. I have never wanted to do nothing any more then I do at this moment in time. I will happily sit and just eat everything. I don't do anything other then work and when I'm not working or get home from work I sit down and do nothing. I need to find the old Alice who would go for 7 mile runs.  Where did she go. If anyone finds her please send her back to me I liked that version of myself. I need to get to my old self, my lightly skinnier, healthier self. I liked that version of me a lot more. 

As I have said before I feel that I have aged about 10 years in the last month and with that I have also increases my sarcasm level to one if the highest it has ever been. I mean it is all the time lately. Every other sentence is either me trying to be funny or simply being sarcastic. At this point in my life I'm at the level of Chandler when he was trying to hide his and Monica's relationship from everyone else.  For all of those fossils out there that have no idea what I am talking about. Every other sentence is some sort of awkward moment which requires a laugh or two. 

How has everyones weeks been, hopefully better than mine. 

Love Always,

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