That Time Of The Month • What All Girls Know About Periods

So 50% of the human race experiences them. 50% of the human race hate them, plus a handful of boyfriends. Yes it's the good old period. Everyone knows what they are and everyone experiences them in different ways. But if us girls only ever have 1 thing in common its periods, and the thoughts we go through while having them. Oh and our love of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Why does nothing suit me, I swear I liked this dress when I brought the other week. 
Why am I always hungry?
Can I please stay in bed all day?
Leave me alone while I sit in my 
Where did all that chocolate go?
What is my skin playing up?
I just want new clothes but nothing looks nice 
Why is my belly so bloated?
I need to cry into my pillow, simply leave me alone. 
Tax on tampons, F**k off! 

Tell that tax and the periods that come along with it to jog on!
Love Always,

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