We Need To Talk About The F In The Room

Grab your bras, knickers and children, make it clear you're a feminist! Oh I forgot to mention, grab your under pants, ties and bosses too......

Call it what you want. Feminism. Equal Rights. Power to the people. Brother hood. Sister hood. Give it any name under the sun. But talk about it. We, me and you at home, work or sitting on the loo, need to hold this up in big flashing signs and point out the problems.
    Now please correct me if I am wrong but I class myself as a straight up, clear as day, proud feminist. This does not mean I hate men, this does not mean I believe all men are cheaters, and this does not mean that I will not have guy friends, or laugh at the odd funny sex joke. But this does mean I believe all should be equal. Rights on both sides of the coin. It has only been in the past year or so that I have really come to turns with this idea of 'feminism' and on the same page I feel so have many other people. I will not preach on the likes of Emily Pankhurst, march around the street in my underwear to promote the ideas I believe but simply spread the word. I have said in many walks of life that talking is good for the soul. And if I take anything after my mum then talking is something which comes naturally to me, and so this should be as easy as pie.
    As my chubby fingers press on the keys of my laptop it is 2 o'clock in the dark rainy morning of Essex, I feel as though I have been hit in the face by sledge hammer, but also royally pissed off. No take that back. Shocked is a better description. I don't want to hurt any guys feelings who may or may not be reading this but some of you. Seemingly a small percentage of you are idiots. No this is not going down the 'I hate guys route' and I have valid opinions as to why currently running on no energy and I feeling like this. Reggie Yates, yes the cool guy who use to present that program with Ferne Cotton has recently documented 3 extremes within the UK. One in particular which I was shocked about has solely and out rightly to do with the term of 'anti-feminism'. Now I know, and as much as it hurts my soul to understand that not everyone is going to get on. In fact a small handful of people will always get on but to term yourself as 'anti' and go against something so full faced seems a little, if not rather hugely absurd to me.
    Lets take a step back, grab a cuppa and take it back to basics. The term 'Feminism' (if you can put your trust in google) is defined as: - The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.- to take that apart it needs to be highlighted as, 'womens rights' yes that says women, not men, not both sexes and not male and female but women. It singles out us hearty females as the ones who need to be treated as equals. The last time I checked equal didn't mean to oppress and it most definitely didn't mean hate, so maybe this term 'anti-feminism' has some back bone to it after all. Maybe as they are opposed to the idea of feminism they are apposed to the idea of equal. I don't know I could just be jumping to conclusions and trying to rub my nasty ideas onto you, you never know us dirty feminists are always trying to poison your minds.
         (Maybe tone the sarcasm down a bit there Alice it's not as easy to understand through text.)
To term yourself against a whole believe is surely a grand old gesture to make, maybe its my sleep deprived ill head talking but that surely can't be called upon lightly. I with no great feet rushed to the idea of being a feminist, I wasn't going to be someone to preach out equal rights, then hate men, then judge all over women who didn't have the same ideas as me. Because then that's me going against the original idea of equal. 
    Throughout the documentary there are hundreds of mentions to the ideas behind male equal rights and this is something which needs to be addressed, addressed on equal trending to women's rights, oh hey hang on why not address them together you know that equal does what equal means. Would that really be so crazy. Lets march the streets, grab your banners girls. Calling on Amber Roses, Tess Holidays and Emma Watson's of the world to rub it in all those men's faces.

No No No that is not what this idea is. I do no want to preach for treating women equalling and then throw men under the bus when they try and help us lead the way. This is something that needs to be dealt with together. I hate to compare history points. 1. as I hate history and 2. I normally get the facts and figures wrong but lets give it a go.
   When African American's were campaigning for civil rights, was it only African Americans who took part? Was it only African Americans who sat at the lunch counters? Were they the only  people to march through Washington and did Martin Luther king only associate himself with African American people? the short answer, the only answer in fact is no. Civil: - relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns-  Civil rights was a combination of all to achieve equality in all. It's still a movement which is still going on today. Emily Davidson and the suffragettes were around in 1920, but women still believe in the matter today. Movements don't just stop and disappear into the  background, god forbid there still exists the KKK, there are hundreds of movements still around which have been around for hundreds of years, and sometimes every so often, some times they bounce back to life. (Lets keep our fingers crossed that stay in the wood work though hey!) Wound your mind back to 2014, its a big feet I know. Just my last week memories are hard but lets give it a whirl. Hermione crap I mean Emma Watson stood in front of the UN and gave a speech about 'HeForShe' and in there own words, A solidarity for gender equality, that's the tag line. Yes it doesn't rhythm but it doesn't pick and choose either, its simply gender, not women, not men but everyone, and everyone few and far between. In lay mans terms. Equality for all. Something which as this long old post is getting to the point off.

 Now I am no Emma Watson, this is shown in the fact that I am typing this and not saying it. I have no flare for speech. I'll write the words and someone else can say them any day. It is so amazing to see someone who is able to grab attention as much as Miss Watson has been able to, with the likes of many celebrities backing her to understand the true meaning of the campaign. I am not a film star or musician or heart throb of many but maybe someone will read this, and if not one person then maybe I'll even forgot I wrote it as I'm so tired I wouldn't be so truly shocked.

There is no doubt about it, feminism is now a global movement. People everywhere are staring to speak up about it. From people with literally no voice, like myself to people who have the power to simple wear a T-shirt and change someone views, yes Ben I'm talking to you. But its the honest truth that feminism is becoming more of a subject to shout about and not a taboo to be whispered in the dark rooms. Young people have never had something so needed to be addressed to them in the best manor. And as I said it has taken me a while to identify as a feminist but now I do, and I would rather it take someone 2 years to understand what it means, then to brush it aside cause there is no one left talking about it.
  It stems into all parts of life, it is not all growing armpit hair and screaming about tampon tax. However if you grow body hair then cool, if you believe that a tampon is an accessory then so uncool, so uncool bro!  But it is in everything. From self confidence, to how you are employed, to the way you tell jokes to your friends and even the Way your little boy treats the girl next door, while not forgetting for her to treat him properly to. Equal rights, or equal rights with a more feminine name go hand in hand with simply treating people better. Once that is understood, the down right easy bit. The simple bit then, the rest will fall into place. Buts lets make it fall sooner rather then later, hey!

I had no real idea about what is out there all to do with feminism, and if you found this post boring as well and simply want more to read about click and have a gaze as this tremendous sites. 

 Girls Rule..... But So Do Guys Too.....

Loving Always 

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