Being A Secret Closet Hauler

So own up to all the people who don't 100% know what is inside their closets, no I'm not talking about the monsters or the christmas presents that you have never used but more the crap that you keep telling yourself you need. I know I am guilty of this and there are clothes that I could not tell you the last time I wore them out the house but I cannot find it in my heart of hearts to through any of it out. 
I don't know where this uncontrollable need to buy all the clothes I see comes from, but then I also don't understand why I cant through them out even when I do not where them. I hide the inside of my wardrobe from my mum as with her slight OCD it would quite literally be her worst nightmare to even see some of the stuff I haven't worn in months and also to see everything that is in there that just doesn't need to be.  It is a serious problem to be a closet hauler of any type, somewhere far away its medical classified I'm sure of it. But until that is classified then there needs to be some steps towards understanding the problem.
Never approach these people fast trying to make them tidy there closets just cause you cannot stand it, it takes time to deal with the mess, I've been a hauler for a long time and I can tell you I still don't know the time to tidy, there are attempts but no I will not tidy it just yet! 
There is one key indicator that you do in fact have a closet secret, if you ever look at your wardrobe and it is full but you still have nothing to wear, well sorry to admit but you are a closet hauler, and be proud, be proud you know what and what you don't want and that is not a skill that everyone can have. 

Signs You Love Your Closet Too Much or Simply Cannot Through Anything Away:
- "I have nothing to wear" is a common sentence when you see the closet to be empty and everyone else sees enough clothes to last a life time. 
- You have one item in every colour they have to offer, yes that black dress has turnt into a blue, yellow and purple number. 
- one hanger has more then 3+ items on throughout your wardrobe.
- At some point in your life you have unintentionally broke your wardrobe simply by the amount of clothes you hold in it.
-There are equal parts of clothe on the floor and bed to inside he wardrobe.
-The phase 'I need it' is more regular then 'I want it.'

Don't hide your closet clutter!

Love Always

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