Getting Your Foot In The Fashion Door

So this is the guide to how to make it big in the fashion industry...... no no no...... this is my quick advice and so far quite limited knowledge in how to really get your foot in the door, keep it there and hopefully one day walk on in with ease. 
Like most of the 'advice' I like to pour out I do in no way belive that this will make you the next big thing, I am know Karl Langerfeld and if fact this how nothing to do with designing. My stick figures look confused and I cannot sew if it saved my life. Trust me. My A in textiles at GCSE is down to the easy test and my skills at being great at guessing.
The 'fashion world' is a scary place for off lettuce leaves, hair spray and camera flashes, but if like me you have no interest in designing the next red carpet number and simply you want to make your mark in some other way, such as journalism, styling buyers or marketing then maybe you might want to carry on with these little tips. Well if its up for choice, maybe more do's and don'ts. From someone who has made not even a scratch on the fashion world. I'm not doing myself much justice, I just like to think that people in the same position as me might want to hear that it is bloody hard, hard but fun and well rather exciting when you start to think you are getting somewhere. 

Grab yourself a cuppa, a nice slice of something sweet and see what a 19 year old trying to make it in this world really things of breaking the hardest industry in the world. 

I am sure that in no matter what career choice you choose within life you need passion, this old thing is what gets your lazy arse out of bed in the morning to be able to fulfil whatever dreams you may have. Sometimes passion for certain subjects can come around later or sneak up on you while you're fulfilling something that you think your passion is. I know for sure that my 'passion for fashion' didn't appear until around 3 years ago. Around the time I started this blog. Up until then it was crime, interesting factors of why people commit it and how to stop them from doing so, well that was until I realised that I had 0 - no interest in that after all. I realised that I wanted to write. Write more and rant on about something I suddenly found myself loving even more then the internal workings of someone brain. Just because there seems to be a preconceived idea about what the fashion industry in tales and that any old so and so can make it by simply being able to sew a skirt together it makes it hard to explain just how large and detailed the industry itself is. I use to be one of those naive beings who assumed it was only sewing, walking down a catwalk and not eating lunch. But then you get to understand that there is so much more. More then just skinny models and Kate Moss. This new hobby of actually taking in how magazine articles were wrote. Who was writing them and attempting, sometimes poorly to write my own ones. I started to see how much I loved doing so and therefore this blog was created. Have you ever spoke to someone about something they love so dearly that by hearing them speak about it they make you smile. Well that is what I wanted to do with this blog. Yes it started off with dodgy photoshopped collages put together with grainy images and on clue of what my own style really was. But it had passion. Passion which I wanted to share with many people. As many people as I could really. Having the ability to be able to share something you love being able to do comes across in whatever it may be that you are sharing. Plus it makes you want to carry on. I know my blog has not got the biggest audience and that it is tiny compared to many others but it is happy that it is slowly growing and that I can pass on my passion to many other people and share what I love being able to do with simply at least 1 other person.  Loving whatever it is you do will allow you to carry it on and spread it to the people you want, and also people who have the same passion that you do. 

No this can be hard, not everyone will get the experience they want, yes I wish I could walk into VOGUE and get the placement which would sort me out for life, but just is not the way. You need to start small. Start from the bottom and work your way up. It doesn't matter if it is something as simple as a 1 article written on a small website, and external placement at somewhere only you have heard of. But like everything it builds up. It allows you to understand how to start within the section that you want to become even more involved in. I found it so scary putting myself out there and applying for experience placements. I was like most people scared to death of getting rejected.  As I so not wish to do the designing part I am able to have my experience from home. I contributed to websites and blogs online in order to simply learn getting feedback, be able to improve my writing and the ability to work to dead lines as well as adding up factors for my CV. Anyone loves to see a full to bursting 'experience' section of a CV, there is nothing worse then leaving that part off, or full of silly factors which will not help you towards anything. Yes 1 week placement at a care home I'm talking to you.  It can be hard to direct emails and letters to companies in hope of getting somewhere and a much easier and organised way of finding experience is through the means of recruitment websites. Fashion specific based ones such as Fashion Workie. everything from internships to online contributors are added on here and some are linked to major companies like, Vivienne Westwood and GLAMOUR. With a more limited range of long term internships Fashion United is great in helping connecting graduates and students to really setting them off into the world. Very little if any companies will welcome you with open arms without experience, being able to prove you are serious and determined about the current position is something clearly expressed within experience. It shows that you are willing to work for what you what most. 

• TIME •
Not in the hope of sounding like my little mum but.... nothing comes for free in this world. The same can be said for quickly. Now I'm sure that there are some success stories of the best ways then ever.  Getting discovered and becoming editor in a couple of months. But to the 1 person that I am sure that has only ever maybe happened to. Please swap jobs with me. But it takes time to get anywhere. One thing I find the most interesting from going to a fashion college is hearing first hand information from people who have worked in the industry for years. The fashion industry is not seen as nearly impossible to break for a reason. It is not easy. In act hard would be and understatement. But so worth it when it finally happens. There is a big hold on building up work, being able to show just how amazing you really are in the area that you want to. Get as much work as you can and show it off for all to, this takes time, it cannot be down simply over night and in fact building it up over time will allow you to show more impressive work then rushing and grabbing the first 10 things you in in 6 months. My portfolio as you might want to call it is forever growing, it is nowhere, (hope to god) finished, there is so much more that I want to be able to fill it with and over the years and so on, that is what will be going into it.

Anyone out there who may want to go into the battle field that is the fashion industry, I know for sure we'll meet there one day!

Loving Always

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