Setting My Self Off

With a new year swiftly setting itself up with 2016 hoping to be a good one, I am getting my lazy arse off the sofa and see more beautiful places. I have decided to stop wasting money on stuff I do not need, as seeing the world is unfortunately not cheap, I am getting to see all the places that I want to before my life becomes Uni, essays and no spare time.

New York: 

They say it's the city of dreams, and the big old apple. Well I wanna take a bite. I have for years, but more now then ever wanted to travel to New York. There is so much to see and so much to do it just sucks that its 10 hours on the plane, and those 10 hours do not come cheap. With the new year and the good old new me it would not even bother me if I traveled anywhere on my own, of course I would love to share it with someone but just want to see this city. 


I don't a lot about the Czech Republic but I do know how beautiful the city looks as well as how much there is too see. Prague seems to be along with a handful of other stops, one along the line of traveling. Seeing as I have little to no time or money for the traveling experience it will be little one of trips and I hope that I can get to see what this place has to offer. 


There's colour and senses and everything you can imagine there to be in somewhere like this. I want to walk around in brightly coloured scarves and flowing pants eating weird and wonderful things, trying stuff you can only try in Marrakech. 


I might not want to stay in the grand old hotel but even the name just sounds interesting. I'm turning into my mum and starting to love buildings and architecture, and a little look at this picture I just want to walk around and see it all. 


So as I am sure everyone wants to visit Paris and as I'm writing this one of my closest friends is having the time of her life out there for new years and I couldn't be more jealous. I want to visit art galleries and little museums and just seeing the Eiffel tower lit up at night.

Where are the places you wish to visit?

Loving Always

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