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So as of lately I have been thinking that I should try and make myself more cultured. I mean what I lack in artistic talent I can make up for in interest within the world of art. I have always loved paintings and the works of Van Gogh, in fact I bloody love good old, fellow ginger Mr Gogh but I feel that I'm 19 now I should be more interested within topics such as art and politics rather then silly night clubs and raves. 
Yeah like I have ever attended a rave. 
But the point still stands, I want to experience and see as much as I can before I get bogged down in University assignments and student debt. But there is a big worry that I will get older, go to see art and be seen as boring rather then 'edgy'. But sarcasm aside and silly comments about public opinion out the window, I need to go head first into the cultural world or are and just seem what it is I like and how I interpret it. I want to see more amazing pieces and be able to sit on a bench in the national gallery and just look at 'starry night', actually go and see the bloody moody Mona Lisa Smile, see if its all it lives up to be. 
I recently took a short but lovely trip to the Saatchi Gallery with the wonderful people from my college and have come to the round about conclusion that modern art is not for me. I mean I can stare at a stuffed horse all day, but no matter the meaning behind it, if the artist explained it to me 100 times I still don't think I would quite understand why. No. Modern art is not where it lies for me, paintings is where I want to send my time. Paintings and photography. Simply art that is just nice to look at. 
Maybe there is an underlying horror of myself that I have always wished to be able to paint amazing art work and see what it would be like to spend 3 weeks on one drawing and have it hang with all its pride in a gallery. But just because that isn't me doesn't mean that I can't appreciate that world. I'm going to appreciate it. I'm going to appreciate the hell out of this art thing, you want, Van Gogh was only the beginning!

Does anyone out there have any tips on being more cultured?
Help a sister out?!


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