Happy Singles Day

It's that time of year again, all you happy people in relationships, you like to think this is your day, but it really isn't. The real reason behind Valentines day is for all the single people to see how amazing being single really is.
Maybe if I tell myself that enough times it might come true...
Oh who am I kidding....

There are 4 types of girls on Valentines day, which one are you?

Dressy, Stay Classy:
• Dinner for 2 
•Art Gallery & Champagne 

For all those girls that are lucky enough to meet their own Richard Gere, just maybe without the prostitution then tonight is the night that you get to put on your sassiest dress, get your hair done and love everything about showing everyone just how great being loved up really is. Trust me it's shining through the diamonds!

Didn't Make Plans, Last Minuet Rush:
• Last Minuet Dinner 
•Cinema Trip
•London/City Night Out

I like the idea of Bridget Jones running around stressing about what to wear, but unfortunately this does not involve any the big nasty panties. Or maybe it does, who knows sometimes comfort is better then style. You cannot go wrong with a 'rock chic' vibe as little details like lace and rips add so much to a simple look. While as you clearly didn't have plans, I'm assuming that that you're not the biggest on dressy ideas, so simple heels and a statement bag are great to add the dressy date outlook to any style.

No Big Deal, Not That Bothered:
•Small Restaurant Table
•Small Show 
•Town Exploring 

So you know when valentines day is just another day of the year, but still you have managed to book something simple up, so therefore there is no knew fancy outfit and whatever you have in your wardrobe will have to do. This is perfect for exploring town or cities with a happy go lucky plan for dates, nothing really planned so you need to make sure you are suited and booted for any situation. 

No Boys Allowed, Girls Night Out:

•London Night Life
•Cocktail Making Class
•Speed Dating

Can I get a hell yeah for all you single ladies out there.... Have a drink on me. When you know that your girl has just become single or you all have had a little too much single time as of lately. The only thing you need is a few tunes from the 80's persuasion and a cocktail or 4 to get you through the night, and you never know Mr Right but be just behind the bar. 

What will your valentines day be, too many cocktails, a stroll round London or a simple cinema trip for 2? 


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