Lets Talks Money, Or what Little I have Of it

Puts your hands up in the air if you are constantly in the mind set of never having enough money to buy the pretty things you want. 
I have always lived above my mean. Not in the spoilt term of the word but simply I really like clothes. I cannot afford all the clothes I wish to wear. Hence the love of vintage clothing. There are wonderful clothes for a 1/3 of the price. So is born the bane of my life when some people will charge £30 for a shirt. Yes certain Camden stores I'm talking to you. I love you but please don't make me sell my soul for a pair of peg leg trousers.
I feel that this top expresses my feelings and behind that smile and those eyes is a cry of pain. When am I going to win the lottery. 
I haven't got tips on saving money as I am probably the worst person in the world at doing so. My main top would be to spend the money you have on what you want. That's what I appear to be doing. Then again I am 19 so unless you have real life adult responsibilities spend what you want. And if you do have those things to take care of simply spend a little less on stuff you want to put aside for the little more important stuff. 

Love Always 

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