There was a time when I use to say I would never wear trainers, but now all I seem to be doing is living in them. You see when you have the joints of an 80 year old like I do, walking around on a 8 hour shift all day becomes pretty hard in anything that doesn't feel like you're walking on air. And really a round of applause for anyone that managers to pull of 8 hours in thigh high boots, heels or ankle boots. The style gods wish that I could handle it, but I've tried it and it just isn't for me. Stan walked into, or more likely was carried into my life at Christmas and to be honest I was a little unsure about them, they really do have to be pared with the right thing. Now for someone who throws on whatever they want then they get ready that proved harder then I thought. But then I found what they look nice with. You can't see in this image, but this two piece blue suit from ASOS, is just what Stan needed, and matched with my sassy Primark socks and second hand nan coat, I think Stan just found his bloody Valentine. 

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