Teen Drinking Is Very Bad

Pour yourself a drink and sit back comfortably, what I will always tell myself when I get home from about anything I do. But this is not promoting teen drinking, this is simply me talking why its the best dam past time. Or maybe  it's just me and slowly but surely me, myself and I are equally turning into Dom and Steph from Google Box.
Anyone who can relate, go and have a drink on me. 
I feel that with the turn of growing up and the term of thinking that going for an innocent old Pizza Express with the girls from college would turn into a processo lunch and a continued search from 2 4 1 on cocktails and wine afterwards, is a sign that there is more to life then clubbing, maybe a little too much more, but who can blame a girl for trying to look sophisticated. And trust me all you need in your life is a clear understanding of Google maps and you can find anything you need. 
Drinking brings along tales of whoa and the dreaded fear that the memories from the night before might just resurface and someone will recognise that it was indeed you that fell over on the dance floor thinking that slut dropping with your best friend was acceptable, when in fact it was far from it. There are nights which are best left in the past and playing cards best left lost, I mean who really truly enjoys ring of fire anyway?  

But maybe there is more to growing up then embarrassing yourself in front of your friends, this is all well and good and makes for some funny stories years down the line but still being reserved some of the time can't be a bad thing, right?
I mean at the best of the times I don't care what people think, but with this ageing thing seeming to be never ending I just think 'Sophisticated' drinking should be the route that I follow.  To many people assume that you stay the same when you grow older, and I know that I am only 19 and that could be considered young by some but as of lately I have never felt myself age more then I have past November to now. There are small signs that you are growing up, one being the obvious that drinking becomes 100x more enjoyable to a posh bar with the offer of cheap cocktails and being able  gossip as long as you like with your friends. You actually find yourself wishing they would,turn the music down a little cause you didn't here how your best friends day at work was!  But you know there is still the student side of me that will take anywhere with some good old 80's music just to take my mind of the killer assignments. It's a mix of both ends of the spectrum and it depends on the mood I'm in to weather its student Alice, or trying to be grow up Alice. 
There is a side of me that maybe wishes I still liked the clubbing scene but then I remember the tales of horror the next morning. Sorry mum if your reading this! Growing up you get to the point when yo remember that you are no longer the 'wild' and I use the term loosely, 16 year old who would do anything do see how late they could get home. But now you give me an 11 clock train home and get me in bed by 12 and I'll be happy to work 9 hours the next day or write 1500 words on a topic I don't particularly like. I get the feeling that when I was 17 I was so scared t even use an ID and now I feel there is some unknown competition to see just how young you can get yourself into a night club, I do not what to see people 3 years below me trying to do a line of vodka shots at the bar, no please. 
Small amounts of memories came back with the fear of falling asleep in A-level history due to the worst hang over in the world, and trust me if I could go back I would have made that nap longer, but that is besides the point. you find that drinking becomes a more of a past time and pleasure then simply a thing to do in order to see what silly mistakes you can make this time around.  Making a few bad decisions to who you make friends with and also loose friends over can be the results of ever a brilliant night out or a rubbish one. And this is in no way me saying that I do not like clubbing, as I'm writing this I'm sat in my sisters house slightly hung over and  just trying to make this sound a little more interesting, but the point is less is more, gone are the days of every Saturday in Southend, and now it's little and less often, making me appreciate my Carrie Bradshaw Cosmopolitan and all the 2 4 1 martinis I can get my hands on.  So yes I might still be in my teens but there is little to persuade me me in making the all to regular journey through the doors of one certain Southend nightclub and leaving sensible Alice at the door.

Am I the only one or does teen drinking stop at a certain age and become more of drinks after work sounds good to me?

Give me till I start University and I'll see if I change again! 


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