Where Have All The Hugh Grants Gone

So can I get a hell yeah, high five and fist bump from all the single ladies out there. Whose been single for a while. Who didn't think you'd be single this time last year. And who right now doesn't really mind that you are single. Maybe everyone falls into  some type of category. Maybe you fall into the madly in love but wish he tried a bit more section. Maybe you're just simple in the madly in love box. Or well maybe you're just in love a lot and right now just happens to be one more brick in the wall. Well whatever, sometimes love doesn't got the way you planned. 
The dreaded V is today, yes I'm posting a sad sarcastic post about love on Valentines day. How original of single Alice over here. But you know that has kinda become my MO, and maybe I'll prove to you know that I will be the crazy dog lady. Yes I said dog. There is no way however single I might be that am or or would ever buy a single cat. Oh No. Dogs with silly bloody names any day. Buy I feel as though once again I have got off topic. What the real message, or at least silly thing I'm trying to say it is isn't like the movies. It as far away from the movies as you could imagine. Now think of a romantic movie that does everything a romantic movie shouldn't do. And well that's how most people 'love stories' pan. Yes of course there are the lucky few that meet people in coffee shops, or on the train home from work but lets think about this logically. If this was how everyone met the love of their life, and truth be told if love was all anyone cared about then there would not be a multi million pound industry in sites like Tinder, POF or match. 
Instead of the chance meeting in a coffee shop, love or feelings or the smallest of any little flutter is normally cause after mistakes, awkward eye contact, a cheesy chat up line or 2, and a lot of thought by yourself and your best friends as well as a lot of persuading to actually have the balls to text back, go over to the bar, or shimmy your way to them on the dance floor. Love is filled with obstacles, and sometimes it bottles down to timing, confidence and just how brave that last glass of wine made you. 
I hope that this post does not make you think I am a cynic as I am for romance more then the next person. That's me. I may be sarcastic down to my bones, but right next to that gene is the same gene that wants the old romance side of life. The side that the movies promise. And somewhere deep down I kinda wish it was true. But there is no Hugh Grant, Richard Gere, Leonardo DiCaprio or Patrick Swayze in the real world. The real world is full of Dave's, Michael's and Richards who don't know a diamond from a ruby or a rose from a lily. 
As you grow older, or at least experience more in  life, romance appears to die down, I thought that it was meant to increase, but maybe all men should be made to watch consecutive re-runs of our lades favourite 80's romantic pictures in order to see that what we have been brought up on is a far cry from what they have been carrying out. Tesco's finest roses aren't really the same as surprise dinner for two, a boat trip, or Oh My Gere those Diamonds in pretty women. And sometimes all it takes is a boom box outside your window, to teach us a dance routine. Or well about nay other plot you can remember from the 80's. Any will do I am sure. The movies have left us ladies wanting more then a ready meal in and a little more work then a chat up line at the bar. But maybe we're or at least I'm asking too much. I mean is it justified to ask for a little Hugh Grant to spice your life up. 

What's your single or romantic wish this Valentines day?

Love Always 

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