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Another fist pump into the air, a fist pump, high five pr general 'Hell Yeah' for all the women out their making other women feel great. This is not a feminist rant about hating men. And this is not me pouring colourful preaching down your throat. Just I have been on a bit of a writing block as of lately and it all seemed to come back to me when I started reading Lena Dunham's "Not That Type Of Girl" *insert image or vision of Lena materialising from the clouds with angelic music and angle wings.* Ah well alright to be honest I kinda wish my life was as interesting as hers was growing up so you know a New York times best seller was just round the corner. But there's still time for that. 
As I was ill and trying to recover while turning every page I realised that she has published this to thousands if not millions of people, she speaks about sex, body image and general real life problems, so I'm sure I can find something little to write about. I starter to wreck my nearly empty brain about all the women who are like her. All the sister head strong girls out there spreading the all important message of loving yourself. So these are my top chikkas to allow you to love yourself the real way. The way that includes all the lumps and bumps and imperfect edges galore. 

"Everytime I start feeling sexy, I trip."

     I'm not really or have ever been one for self help books, I see adults on the train reading page after page of 'How To Succeed!", "10 steps to a better you" all while all looking lovely fined off with pretty clouds, calm relaxing colours and simple shapes I just think for any of it to actually sink in I will have to read those pages and well I'd rather read about fictional characters in Westeros, Wizards in Hogwarts or Doctor Who fan-fiction. So seeing as Lena has appeared to be the strong independent women of the moment , and me just dipping my toe into it myself and not really being brave enough to rant about it on the Internet I couldn't help but buy the book, oh so many moons ago it might have been. But it seemed like the right time to leave John Snow aside and see really how amazing this book was going to be. 
     You see, I really had no idea what to expect. I had heard it was open and true to self but not really on this level. But in a good way. Like you can truly see she is just a normal down to earth human who simply quite enjoys talking about her sex like and previously failed relationships. You have no effect of a auto-biography or in fact a boring retelling of her life. As I am sure you wouldn't have any publicist allow the experience of loosing their virginity, the first expression of masturbation or the detailed accounts of body hate you have within this book really reach the pages. But that is what makes it so great. This book is by far 110% Lena. A story of her life. Teaching you what she has learnt. Not in a showbiz shiny finished version, but a cracked edge, no where near perfect true life telling of how to love yourself. 
      I have the feeling that this has turnt into a book review rather then the original idea behind these ramblings, so maybe I should get back on track. Ah Yes. Why Lena Dunham is a perfect example in loving yourself, being comfortable in your own skin and letting everyone know that even someone with their own show on HBO did not always have the goldest of starts into womanhood. 

“I want a Zero Tolerance policy on All The Patriarchal Bullshit.” 

So as writing and reading seems to be the flow of this at the minuet, it only makes it fair and one if the smartest choices I've made to add my favourite journalist into the mix. Is that a thing? Do people have favourite journalists, I mean she is of course a writer, but first and foremost political and out spoken Caitlin Moran is kinda a lot of what I wanna be in the heights of journalism. With women like Caitlin there comes a less then normal amount of humidity. There is a lot like Lena, talks about body image and accepting your faults. Something which has become rather important to me in my life. Okay so I'm not quite on the showing your stomach on alive stage to hundreds of people, but of course I am making sure to grow myself and women who preach to the masses about how to understand your body are just what girls like me need.  I was trying to explain to mum just how Caitlin Moran is an open book, I mean I used the time in the GIF to proof it. And well I'm not quite sure she really got what I meant, but all I was saying is that I'm kinda Jealous, I wish I was that comfortable in my self. 
      Oh and If you haven't seen raised by wolves yet, then simply go an see it, as I feel somewhere along the lines my spirit animal is in there. 

"I've always dreamed of growing up to be Amy Poehler."

       Yes please Amy, you know when they say that boys don't like a girl that is funny, well the jokes in them as they're missing out on the best bunch of us, yes okay so that might have been a self pun highlighting my wonderful humour but still the point stands. I have only read a small amount of Amy Poehler's book 'Yes Please' and the only reason which I haven't read it all is the clear fact that there are a rough count of 80+ books waiting to be read in as I speak, but I can imagine that after finishing 'Not That Kind Of Girl' it'll quickly move it's way up the list. Unlike the previous comment lets not make this into another book review, so yeah, taking the absolute piss out of yourself is the way to loving yourself. But intern I do not mean make yourself look stupid or purposely act silly, more just allow yourself to do what ever the hell you want to and also be able to feel comfortable in doing so.  There is an unspoken rule as previously mentioned that boys don't like funny girls, and well adjacent to that is a person in my head hoping to god that isn't true, and just something boring people have made up to make themselves feel better. *Crossing my fingers and toes and everything else* But it isn't just about loving yourself but also about overcoming yourself. There use to be a time when standing up and talking in front of people would literally set my teeth on edge, make me want to throw up, faint and run out the room screaming, continue that screaming until I entered another continent where no one knew me and then I could live peacefully without feeling that I had stupidly embarrassed myself yet again. So only a small fear, nothing to major. But then I just learnt to laugh at myself, and really if you know you've mucked up or done something silly and it hasn't killed your confidence then just laugh, its all you really can do. 
       Not to sounds like a broken record or some idiot preaching about self love, but it kinda makes sense to accept yourself by laughing at yourself. It's like when you open the front camera on your phone and theres that split second of doubt mixed in with worry that shit us that really what I look like. Where did that double chin come from? But thats how I like to see life... Just stick with this, it'll make sense in a moment.... maybe? But opening that front camera is funny I mean you become my best friend and I'll show you just how 'ugly' those snapchats can get. But if I feel fine in myself then someone laughs at those over grown eyebrows of mine or the State of my skin in the morning, then I'll feel comfortable in myself to  laugh with you. I don't think that laughing at yourself is a bad thing, in fact its something that doesn't always come easily, but when it does, oh trust me you have a blast.

"A woman's life is worth nothing unless she's making a great man greater."

So there's this women who hasn't really made that much of an impact on the world.... was a quote no one said about Amy Schumer ever. So yes she's open, she will willing talking about sex, her vagina and being able to 'catch a dick anytime' but that doesn't over shadow simple the great impact she has on everything from body image to self confidence straight through to feminism. There is a continued theme amongst all these 4 women of not really caring about what other people thing, but its more I belive of simply knowing what needs to be said, when and why it needs to be said. Yes it is wonderful to be drunk and poor your heart of and even better to be a national superstar and hilarious plus being best mates Jennifer Lawrence but its 10x better to do all that and still see the issues with the world. In her most recent campaign Amy is one if many celebrities speaking out about gun violence, in England we don't experience the impact these factors have on everyday life but we can see how people like Amy and so many other celebrities are changing the way people think about it. 
      Having a public voice can reach any area from sex and relationships all the way to gun violence and politics and that's why standing up and knowing what is right is the perfect way to be.  I mean I can talk to my friends about loving yourself, god the amount of times I have heard them say something negative about themselves and straight away I have told them they are wrong, and that is why I do this blog and posts like this, why I don't just want to do posts about fashion because in my eyes yes fashion is amazing but loving yourself is more important then the latest SS16 trends and whose wearing who. Having a voice like Amy's and so many other female and male celebrities who stand out in knowing the right thing to say and when is just what people need more off. 

So many times throughout the world that is fame and celebrities it can appear everything is perfect. There are even 'perfect' girls on Instagram and Snapchat whose soul goal and achievement is getting enough likes to call themselves 'known' the idea of before where celebrities and models to be the only impact on public image has been a tale of the past. Everyday girls can see someone with a few hundred follows and feel pressured to look like them. It becomes a time where the online industry and everything that surrounds the interweb has an effect on everybody. But being strong enough to highlight that changes that need to be shown is something that all 4 of these women do amazingly well. Not only are they letting people know that celebrity life isn't always shiny and new they are also letting us ordinary folk understand they go through similar things as well do. They struggle with too much bread and get bloated. They sometimes feel they will amount to nothing. They have faced scrutiny in so many similar areas in life. And just become they happen to be a house hold name doesn't mean they do not understand everyday problems. And the outstanding thing is that they spread this word with so many people, they really are on track to making a hell of a large majority feel better and understand themselves more. 

Couldn't have put it better myself Gerri?

Love Always

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