"You Look Like A Patch Work Quilt!"

Now I am sure this comment was made as a positive one. I take pride in my utter lack of being able to match patterns. Sometimes I miss match a little too much. Maybe fur, florals denim and old shirts is not the best mix, but then again oh well... 

When I wear outfits like this I really like them, I love wearing them, but then I still don't like standing out. Where can I meet the half way point of looking sassy and not caring if people stare. I mean have you ever tried being 5ft 9 bright orange hair and still try and fit as many patterns in one look as I can. Maybe I shouldn't care if people stare and maybe I shouldn't care if when I walk past a few heads turn, I mean if you can't make head turns in your teenage years then when can you. Oh I suppose I'll get over it. Let them stare. 


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