Dry Skin, No problem

There is that never ending struggle between finding something that isn't oily and something that doesn't make you go scaly, I hear you sister. I get it. 

I seem to have this skin that doesn't want to make it's mind up weather it wants to be oily and shine like the sun or dry and look horrible the moment I put foundation on. 
But you know what after a lot of looking an a large a space for trial and error I have been able to find the perfect products (well the perfect products for me anyway but I love sharing my all mighty knowledge with you wonderful people.) 

Night cream is something a god send when dry skin is your annoying best mate. I live for Elizabeth Arden, its super thick and when you first apply it, it will just sit on your face and make it appear as those you've covered yourself in vaseline but throughout the night it works wonders and turns your face into a miracle with a fabulous healthy glow. Honestly over night creams are the best thing for dry skin, all the work gets done over the 8 hours. Easy Peasy. 

I have recently become very concerned about animal testing and products which take part time this, as well as trying to take my vegetarianism a little more serious so natural products as really starting to catch my eye.  
As well as Elizabeth Arden being cruelty free Sukin is my new favourite vegan, animal testing free 100% natural product. The face scrub and the moisturiser are wonderful for dry or unstable skin. Being 100% natural it suits most skin types and doesn't add or take anything away from the skin, it does all it can to simply make better what you already have. I can understand why it's Australia's number one beauty product. 

What are your top beauty products for your skin type? 

Love Always 

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