The Beauty Generation Gap

Yes this is me sitting on a beach with my sister in matching clothing. No we are not twins she is in fact 1 year and 10 months older then me but I guess out mum liked us looking the same. Either that or she really wanted twins.  However the most curious thing from this photo is how I am sitting, for some reason I have never been this flexible in my whole 19 years, and it is not gymnastic level but for me this is pretty impressive. So at least once in my life I was flexible, to a small extent at least. 

Just let me have this moment okay?.......

But me and my flexible abilities are not the main aim of this blog post. Is it just me or are more and more young girls starting to look closer to the older generation then the generation that they are meant to be in?  If my photos were not buried deep within the cupboard in the lounge and I wasn't as lazy or as tired as I am I might have the energy to go and find a picture of myself at the ripe old age of 13. But as my laziness has got in the way again then just let me describe the scene for you. 
13 year old Alice wearing her favourite shiny green cargo pants with added tassells, yes tassells I repeat tassells was the proudest person in the world. When paired with a green, pink and white swirl pattern design along side frilly Austin Powers sleeves was all in all my favourite outfit. It was my birthday outfit, my Monday to Friday outfit and my weekend outfit all rolled into one. Come to think of it I still do the same with my 'Awkward' trousers from Topshop now, but that is beside the point. Though seriously go and buy some, they are the best pants in the world. 

13 year old Alice and all my 13 and 12 year old friends and even girls above me at aged 14 and 15 who scared the bloody shit out of me were clearly identifiable by out ages. There no was mistaking me for 5+ years my age, there was no mistake that a 20 year old would approach me or even look at me with any other purpose as to wish their future children was as wonderful and polite as I was. (Positive self plug for old times sake.) 

However I even have trouble with guessing the age of some girls these days. When you work in retail you learn to put people into categories. You have the lovely old lady who buys things for their grand daughter, you have the devil reborn old lady who doesn't understand we can't order direct from the warehouse or that out stock actually has a limit to how much it can hold. You have the mum who wants their daughter to be happy so she will take her into the store knowing that nothing will suit and everything will look too old but she does it anyway. 
(But I wouldn't say they annoy me..... much!)

I find it hard to imagine how all girls can worry about is what they look like. I mean 13 year old me only wanted to have the best time, do photo shoots over the local playing field and team up with best friends to do the best on out school projects. Peacocks was my favourite shop and all I wore was picture T-shirts with dinosaurs on them. MAC was not even a thing I might walk into Topshop or Forever 21 on an average of 3 times a year; And please don't even get me started on how scared I wold be to go into Victoria Secret, let allow have the balls to even attempt to buy a bra. 
(I was lacking in the boob department nearly as much as I am lacking now, trust me it would have been a waste of time.) 
But what I don't seem to understand and I know from other people my age and older how young girls have changed so much within 4 years. Do they even go out anymore? I would be out for as long as I could doing something fun, taking funny photos which to this day make me cringe with a little embarrassment, but still I wasn't posting selfies trying to look sexy and appeals boys. I say boys as most girls this age have more testosterone in their bodies then the boys do at this time in their lives.  
Thinking back I and I'm sure many people would be 99% certain that I had no idea what sexy even meant, there defiantly wasn't anyone dreaming of a taller then average, slightly chubby girl who didn't know a single drake song, that was not the top of the boys bucket list. And I didn't care. I look back now and think what I was wearing was horrid, and it was, there is no way shiny green pants was a good look, but it's what I wanted at the time and it certainly wasn't the top thing on my priorities. They were most certainly school, Doctor who and Twilight. 

When it comes to young girls these days there is so much they can do in order to look older, and for some people that is the best thing in the world but there is always the problem of looking older and being able to deal with it. I can't count the amount of times I have been called older then I am, at 19 I am getting called 25, 23, 21 and all the numbers in between. (BTW if anyone calls me older then 25 I will not be happy.) When girls go out looking older then they are, an a 15 year old looks 18 or older then they need to have the maturity to deal with the situation. 
It is the horrible truth that men do cat call, men do come up to you drunk and try and chat you up. The large amount of the time it is harmless and chatting but sometimes they just seem to be too drunk or to roudy and have different intentions. But they have no idea that under the layers of extensions and false lashes and makeup the girl they're 'hitting on' is in fact too young. And this is something which needs to be addressed. When you are willing to make yourself grow up and appear grown up then you must be willing to act like it to. 99% of men will back off, apologies and say sorry when they are told the age of someone younger, and when I say younger I mean too young to 1. be hit on in the first place and 2.Clearly still to young to be around these people anyway. But if this is not the case then the girls who are making themselves look older, be it for their own joy or to simple try and get attention from people need to have the mature mind set to stand up and say 'you know what sorry mate I'm 16, 15, Blah blah blah." Girls in the younger generation need to understand that growing up comes with more then just hair extensions, lipsticks and high heels.   

What are your thoughts on how the generation younger then us seem to be wanting to grow up without all the responsibility that growing up brings. 

Love Always

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